Current Dungeon & Replays


The current dungeon changed slightly (portals and traps) because of the game update. The update contained changes, which influence the dungeon level generator. In the past the dungeons reopened with the release of new game versions, but this was unfair to players who didn’t play the dungeon before the update. Scores in the dungeon before and after the update might be different, but the difference will be much smaller than after a dungeon reopening.

Replays from the previous game version are also not deleted with this update, because this would also delete the dungeon highlights and the deletions in the past led to confusion among some players. Some of the old replays are not compatible with the new game version and therefor the result of the replay can look different than with the previous game version. However, everyone will certainly agree that slightly incompatible replays are better than none.

German / Deutsch

Der aktuelle Dungeon hat sich wegen der neuen Spielversion leicht geändert (Portale und Fallen). Die neue Spielversion enthält Änderungen, welche Rückwirkungen auf den Dungeon-Level-Generator haben. In der Vergangenheit wurden die Dungeons bei der Veröffentlichung jedes Updates neu geöffnet, was allerdings unfair für alle Spieler war, welche den Dungeon vor dem Update nicht gespielt haben. Die Punkte im Dungeon vor und nach dem Update können sich unterscheiden, aber der Unterschied wird auf jeden Fall deutlich kleiner sein, als wenn der Dungeon neu aufgemacht worden wäre.

Außerdem wurden mit diesem Update die Wiederholungen aus der früheren Spielversion nicht gelöscht, weil damit auch die Dungeon Highlights gelöscht worden wären und die Lösung in der Vergangenheit zu Verwirrung unter einigen Spielern geführt hat. Einige der alten Wiederholungen sind nicht kompatibel mit der neuen Spielversion und das Resultat der Wiederholung wird sich daher unterscheiden. Jeder wird aber sicher zustimmen, dass leicht inkompatible Wiederholungen besser sind als gar keine.


Arcanox Version 730: Christmas Gifts, Improved World Cup, Easier Achievements, More Training…

Arcanox version 730 is available on Google Play! This list of changes also includes all changes of the previous optional update (v721).

In other languages:


  • Christmas Gifts
  • Higher Season End Gold Reward
  • World Cup Improvements
  • Easier Achievements
  • Dungeon King Crown
  • Guild Tournament Changes
  • Two New Training Missions
  • Cheap Blue Cards Upgrades
  • Corrected Full-Screen Mode
  • Several Other Improvements

All Changes

Christmas Gifts


  • Everyone who logs into the game after the update and before December 27 will find five Christmas gifts in his castle.
  • One gift per day can be opened.

Higher Season End Gold Reward

  • The season end gold rewards are again as high as they were with version 710.
  • The gold storage capacity cannot be exceeded anymore by collecting the season end reward. A warning is displayed instead.

World Cup Improvements

The following changes have been made:

  • The scores of all other teams are now hidden during a round.
  • Extended the duration of the rounds from two to three days.
  • Players, who already received a World Cup reward card, don’t receive the same card again, unless they already have all possible reward cards.
  • Black knights have been added to the reward card pool.

Also the World Cup level generator has been adjusted:

  • The number of enchantments per shrine isn’t random anymore, but rounded half up.
    • Example: A level 5 shrine with a chance of 53% for one additional enchantment will always add one additional enchantment.
  • Additional enchantments from shrines are now applied in ascending order.
  • Portals are now filled in ascending order.
    • Example: When team A has a level 3 portal and team B has a level 5 portal, the first three minions are now the same in both portals.
  • The levels of the rooms are now limited by the division. This means when players in division II or III upgrade their rooms beyond what is allowed by the division, the room levels are reduced to the division’s maximum.

The next World Cup begins in January!

Easier Achievements

The following achievements are now easier to achieve:

  • “Successfully defend against 2500 attacks.” → 1500 attacks
  • “Lend 200 cards to other players.” → 150 cards
  • “Lend 2000 cards to other players.” → 1500 cards
  • “Lend 20000 cards to other players.” → 15000 cards
  • “Participate 6 times in the World Cup.” → 5 times
  • “Participate 24 times in the World Cup.” → 15 times

Dungeon King Crown


At the end each season the player who earned the most dungeon points during the season is regarded ‘Dungeon King’. This title is indicated by a crown next to his name until the end of the next season. In case of a tie, the player receives the crown, who reached the score first.

Guild Tournament Changes

Ruby Rewards

The guild tournament rewards have been adjusted to reduce the growth of the gaps between the Top 4 guilds:

  • Top 1 Guild: 5000 → 4500 Rubies
  • Top 2 Guild: 3000 → 3000 Rubies
  • Top 3 Guild: 1500 → 2000 Rubies
  • Top 4 Guild: 750 → 1000 Rubies

Guild Score Calculation

With many active members the guild chat can be hard to follow. In some guilds more than 100 messages per hour are not uncommon. It can also be very confusing when multiple languages are spoken within one guild.

To encourage guilds with around 40 members the guild score calculation has been adjusted:GuildScoreAdjustments

Giving Away the Reward

Winners of the guild tournament can now give away their received rubies by using the “Give Rubies” feature.

Downsizing Guilds

Generals and leaders can now use the guild chat command “/downsize” to reduce the size of their guild.


Dungeon Masters: Better Rewards



The rewards for the tournament have been adjusted because of the extremely lively participation:

  • #1 – #10 instead of #1 – #5 receive a black knight.
  • #11 – #50 instead of #6 – #25 receive 250 mana.

German / Deutsch

Wegen der äußerst regen Teilname am Turnier wurden die Belohnung angepasst:

  • #1 – #10 statt #1 – #5 erhalten einen schwarzen Ritter.
  • #11 – #50 statt #6 – #25 erhalten 250 Mana.

Dungeon Masters Event



The Dungeon Masters tournament begins in 5 hours!
Earn as many dungeon possible as you can in the regular dungeons.
The event ends after 12 days (3 dungeons).
In case of a tie the player who scored first will be ranked higher.

Have fun! 🙂

German / Deutsch

Das Dungeon Master Turnier beginnt in 5 Stunden!
Verdiene so viele Dungeonpunkte wie möglich in den normalen Dungeons.
Das Turnier endet nach 12 Tagen (3 Dungeons).
Bei Punktegleichstand wird der Spieler höher gewertet, welcher zuerst die Punktzahl erreicht hat.

Viel Spaß! 🙂

Arcanox Version 720: Dungeon Masters, New Leagues, Legend Trophies, …

Arcanox version 720 is available on Google Play!

Patch notes in other languages:

Warning: Unopened gifts from last year expire within the next 14 days!


  • NEW: The Dungeon Masters tournament begins on December 4th
  • NEW: Legends league, Legend trophies and the ‘King of Legends’
  • NEW: ‘Lair’ dungeon with boosts for ninjas
  • NEW: Watch the top replays of the previous dungeon
  • It is now possible to remove the fifth vault
  • Several improvements to the global- and guild chat
  • Several user interface improvements

NEW: Dungeon Masters Tournament


The Dungeon Masters tournament is a new event, where the points from the dungeons are summed up per player. It begins on December 4th and lasts for 3 dungeons (12 days). The prizes for the top 500 players are shown in the upper graphic.


The best 5 players receive a unique looking knight, which cannot be crafted or purchased.

NEW: Legends League, Legend Trophies and the ‘King of Legends’

New Leagues and Fewer Divisions


The Diamond and Legend leagues were added. At the same time, the number of divisions per league has been reduced from 5 to 3, whereby most players have moved up a few leagues.

Legend Trophies


Trophies above 3200 will be reset down to 3200 when a season ends, and deducted trophies will be converted into Legend trophies. Legend trophies accumulate season after season, and nothing will ever reset or reduce them. They can be viewed in the public player profile.

King of Legends


At the end each season the player with the most trophies is regarded ‘King of Legends’. This title is indicated by a crown next to his name until the end of the next season.

NEW: Dungeon Highlights

  • All players can use Dungeon Highlights to view the best solution for each dungeon stage from the previous dungeon.
  • Solutions with the least number of enchantments are preferred.
  • The Dungeon Highlights will be available at the beginning of the next dungeon in your mailbox.

NEW: ‘Lair’ Dungeon with Boosts for Ninjas


  • In the new dungeon ‘Lair’ boosts for Ninjas can be unlocked.
  • The foundry boosts in the dungeon are just placeholders and are later replayed by other boosts.


3rd Arcanox World Cup

The 3rd Arcanox World Cup begins in 3 days. Join or create a team now!

World Cup Changes

  • All matches last now for 2 days and 6 hours instead of 2 days. This way all teams around the world have more equal chances.
  • In response to the request of several players, only borrowed cards from team members can now be used in World Cup matches.
  • Some descriptions have been improved.

Good luck and have fun! 🙂



Arcanox Version 700: Ninja, Energy Shield, …

Arcanox version 700 is available on Google Play!

Patch notes in other languages:


  • New Minion: Ninja
  • New Enchantment: Energy Shield
  • New Function: Downgrading Cards
  • Several other improvements

New Minion: Ninja

Ninja Dashing

  • Ninjas are melee fighters.
  • They teleport through the first room, which blocks their path.
  • The exclusive enchantment for ninjas is “Invisibility”: Ninjas with this enchantment are invisible until they attack or are hurt.
  • A ninja training level has been added.
  • An achievement for using ninjas has been added.

New Enchantment: Energy Shield

Energy shield for guards

  • The “energy shield” is a new enchantment for guards and hidden guards.
  • It is unlocked for guards with level 8 and on hidden guards with level 7.
  • The enchantment creates an energy shield which absorbs one hit.
  • The energy shield regenerates after 2.5 seconds.

New Function: Downgrading Cards

  • In response to several player requests it is now possible to downgrade cards.
  • You don’t get back any Gold or Rubies when downgrading a card.
  • When you want to upgrade the card again later, you have to pay for it again.

Balancing Changes

  • Defenders with the lightning shield enchantment are now impenetrable both by lightning and ninjas.
  • Priests move forward now to heal damaged friends behind targets. In the past priests attacked the target instead.
  • Increased the influence of the dungeon score on the guild score from 10% to 11%. This will be adjusted from time to time to balance out the steadily increasing trophies.
  • Guards with the damage reflection enchantment now reflect 35% instead of 30% of the received damage.
  • Cannons with the damage reflection enchantment now reflect 40% instead of 30% of the received damage.

Other Changes

  • It is now possible to disable the account backup on the SD-card.
  • Corrections to the French, Spanish and Russian translations.
  • Made several training levels easier, or added hints.
  • The purchase bonus hint is now displayed less frequently.
  • A warning is now displayed, when players try to upgrade their castle heart too early.
  • The game now asks for confirmation when crafting a card.

Fixed Bugs

  • Lent cards were not counted in the “popular cards” list.
  • The Platinum league is now displayed correctly.
  • It’s now possible to delete the guild welcome message.
  • At the end of the month the dungeon timer showed an incorrect remaining time.
  • Fixed various rare crash bugs.

Current Dungeon

The current dungeon changed because of the new game elements and balancing changes. Dungeons will not reopen automatically with the release of new game versions anymore, because this is unfair to players who didn’t play the dungeon before the update. Scores in the dungeon before and after the update might be different, but the difference will be much smaller than after a dungeon reopening.

Have fun and tell me how you like the update! 🙂



No Arcanox on iOS

Many of you have asked and I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there will be no Arcanox iOS version. Please let me explain the reasons:

Reason 1: One-Man-Company

Arcanox is a complex game which is usally developed by around 5 to 7 people, but Juhu Games is just me right now. This is only possible because I focus my work-force. An iOS version not only means initial effort of several weeks, but also additional effort over the entire lifetime of Arcanox.

The additional tasks would be:

  1. Testing each new game version on both iPhones and iPad.
  2. Staying up to date with all upcoming iOS / App Store / Game Center changes and changing the game accordingly.
  3. Investigating and fixing iOS specific bugs which can be caused by
    1. My own code
    2. Third-party-libraries
    3. New iOS / App Store / Game Center versions
  4. A more complicated update process, because both Google Play, App Store and game server updates have to be executed at the same time.
  5. Providing customer support for iOS specific issues.

Also Apple is not known for good backward compatibility. Changes by them might force me to stop working on whatever I’m doing in that moment to fix Arcanox.

All these additional tasks would slow down the development process, reduce the update frequency and make the development more stressful.

When more people would work for Juhu Games, the additional tasks could be distributed to several shoulders without slowing down the overall development process noticeably.

Reason 2: Microsoft Killed RoboVM

It was planned to use RoboVM for the iOS version of Arcanox. RoboVM allowed running Java-based apps on iOS. Xamarin bought RoboBM in October 2015. A few months later Microsoft bought Xamarin and killed RoboVM. Development of RoboVM stopped and their service will stop in April 2017. This means there will be no more RoboVM bug fixes and no support for iOS 10.

There are a few alternatives to RoboVM, but they are either not production-stable, not actively developed, have bad performance or have other issues.

In a nutshell: Microsoft killed the only reliable and fast way to port Java-based apps to iOS.

Reason 3: iOS Bitcode

Bitcode is an app format by Apple that allows Apple to compile an optimized version of an app for all Apple devices. Right now bitcode is optional for iOS apps. For watchOS and tvOS apps, bitcode is required.

Apple has not announced any plans that bitcode will be required on iOS as well, but considering their decisions in the past I’m sure this will happen.

Neither RoboVM nor any alternative is bitcode compatible. When bitcode becomes mandatory updating apps ported with RoboVM or the alternatives won’t be possible anymore. Separating the Android and iOS players would be necessary.


iOS is a very important platform and I would love to port Arcanox to it, but right now there are technical challenges and uncertainties without good solutions and Juhu Games is only me. When Juhu Games has grown, I’ll reconsider my decision.

Please don’t hesitate to ask, when you have any questions.


Data Center Maintenance Work

The data center, which hosts the Arcanox game server, scheduled urgent maintenance work for 11/Aug/2016, between 5:00 AM and 07:00 AM UTC.

Sorry for the inconvenience. 🙁

Update 1: The data center has extended the estimated downtime period by an additional hour. 🙁

Update 2: The game server is back online. Sorry for the inconvenience.