Arcanox: Beta Version 44

Arcanox Beta version 44 is available.
Download the most recent Android beta client here.
Read instructions how to install the apk file here.



  • Changes to the skulls and computer opponent difficulty are displayed with an animation after battles
  • Stored gold is again evenly distributed among all vaults


Art Evolution: From Coder Art to Final Quality

When developing a game I always focus on the gameplay first.
During the development of Arcanox there have been several art evolutions.
These pictures show the visual changes of the witch and goblin during the development.

Witch from coder art to final qualityThe witch can shoot fireballs, lightning bolts, ice bolts and magic missiles with her wand. She is a ranged damage dealer with low health.

Welcome to Juhu Games!

Thanks for checking out my new site!
I’m happy to announce Arcanox, my upcoming mobile game for Android and iOS:
Arcanox Logo
You can find screenshots and more details about it here.
I’m planning on posting gameplay videos, concept art, more screenshots and details about the development of the game within the next weeks.