Arcanox Launch Plan Part 1: How to Create a Great Game Trailer

The Arcanox soft-launch was rushed, because I’ve yielded to external pressure:

  1. Most testers say they love Arcanox. They call it great and highly polished. Also they constantly ask, when it’ll be released.
  2. I had almost no money left.

Making a great game is not enough today. Competition is fierce. Having a great marketing plan and executing it right is equally important. During the last days I’ve worked out a plan for the launch based on lots of research. Also I’ve borrowed some money to have more time.

The launch preparations will take around 1-2 additional months.
So here comes the first part of THE PLAN:

Great Game Trailer

The game trailer is the most important marketing material beside the app icon. When players click on the Arcanox app icon in the Google Play Store, the trailer is the first thing they will see. Also watching movies is how most people want to consume information today. A great trailer will convince players to try the game and journalist to review it.

The gameplay video I’ve created some time ago is fine, but isn’t as compelling as a trailer can be and only shows a small part of the game.
[youtube id=”_rahtNfsQWw” parameters=”iv_load_policy=1″ autoplay=”no”]

Why The Arcanox Soft-Launch Failed

The Arcanox soft-launch in the Canadian Google Play Store failed. Arcanox has been installed in Canada exactly 0 times. Even some ads didn’t help. After I thought about it, the reasons became quite obvious.

The Problem

Usually you ask your friends and beta-testers to download and rate your app with 5 stars right after release. Several testers from all over the world are playing Arcanox every day, but none of them is living in Canada. Unfortunately I also have no friends in Canada. So there was no one, who installed Arcanox and wrote the first ultra important 5 star review.

Arcanox: Version 47 & Account Reset

Arcanox beta version 47 is available! The game server is back online.
All accounts have been reset. This was the final reset.
Most likely this is the last open beta version before Arcanox is released in the Canadian Google Play Store.


Read instructions how to install the apk file here.


NEW: Tutorial Checkpoints

From now on players don’t have to complete the entire tutorial in one session, but can interrupt and resume it.

CHANGED: More Card Upgrades

  • Reduced minimum card level from 1 to 0
  • Increased maximum card level from 5 to 10
  • Reduced gold costs to upgrade cards
  • Increased gold reward for selling cards
  • Adjusted stat increases per level
  • Upgrading a card only fills one half of a star now

Reason: Several testers complained about the high gold costs to upgrade cards. Now, each upgrade is much cheaper, while it still works as a gold sink.


6 Reasons Why Arcanox Will Be Released In Canada First

Arcanox will be released in the Canadian Google Play Store first. These are the 6 reasons, why Canada is the perfect country for the Arcanox soft-launch:

  1. Arcanox is only available in English and German right now, so I can only release it in English- or German-speaking countries
  2. Also I’m only able to understand English or German feedback
  3. Canada is a relatively small country by population. If something goes wrong there it would be bearable
  4. Canadians play similar like US Americans. When Canadians have problems understanding the game, US Amercians are likely to have the same problems
  5. There may be server performance issues I have not detected yet. A slowly growing player base will allow me to fix them without serious downtime
  6. Canada is quite far away from my server in Germany, so I’ll be able to detect possible latency issues

Have I missed an important argument? Is there a strong argument against realeasing in Canada first?

Have fun!

Arcanox Android Open Beta Ends Soon

The Arcanox Android open beta ends in 3-5 days. All accounts will be resetted with the upcoming update, so everyone has a fair chance.
Arcanox will be released in the Canadian Google Play store first. There I’ll collect more feedback and optimize the game server for around 1-2 weeks. Maybe I’ll also update the game once more, before it will be available in other countries as well.
Upcoming versions of Arcanox will still be available on this website.