Great Trailer Music Almost For Free

When you try to create a great game trailer you need great trailer music. The Arcanox ingame music doesn’t fit well, because it is loop-able background music. For a game trailer you want music that builds tensions, and ends with a grand finale.

As an indie I’ve only a small budget, so asking Enrico to compose something new just for the trailer was not an alternative.
Luckily there are several websites, where you can buy non-exclusive royalty free music for a relatively low price.

Comparison Of Music Market Places

During my search for the perfect trailer music I used AudioJungle, PremiumBeat, and AudioSparx. Here is a comparison of the most important features/facts these music market places offer.


Best Software To Create Game Trailers

I’m still working on the Arcanox game trailer.

Recording With Bandicam

For the trailer I’ve recorded a lot of gameplay footage with Bandicam, which is a great screen recording program. Recording with 60 FPS and a reasonable file-size is really important to me, because I’ve only a quite small SSD harddrive. A great and important feature of Bandicam are configurable mouse click effects. Bandicam just works like expected, has lots of configuration options and $39 are an appropritate price.

I’ve also evaluated Fraps, but it offers way less configuration options than Bandicam, supports no click effects, has a really ugly user interface and costs also around $35.

This is some footage, that will not be used in the trailer, because it is a bit to long.
Watch how minions fail to kill a dragon:
[youtube id=”FEAiewONc00″]

Editing With After Effects

To edit the game trailer I use Adobe After Effects, which is just awesome. This is the first time I use After Effects, but everything is super intuitive. The main reason for this may be, that the user interface is very similar to Flash Professional.