Arcanox Version 48

Arcanox beta version 48 is available! The game server is back online.


Read instructions how to install the apk file.

You can also download the desktop client for Windows/Linux/Mac.


Before you install this new version of Arcanox, you should uninstall any previous version of the game.

I had to change the application id, because of the upcoming release. Otherwise the Google Play store wouldn’t consider the app as “new” in the countries, where the game was test-launched in December. The change of the application id makes all save-game information inaccessible, even when you connected your account to Google+. Your save files will be lost, but can be restored.

Please send a message to with your account name, device name, and living country. I’ll send you instructions how to restore your account.


  • Cards, achievements, and computer opponent progress have been reset, because of significant changes to achievements and card distribtion
  • Players receive now 1 ruby for every successful defense
  • Destroying the trapper now reveals all traps
  • From now on players have to destroy the card shop instead of the castle heart for a 1-star victory
  • Cards for achievements, but no cards for destroyed card shops anymore
  • Huge number of balancing adjustments
  • Fixes for several bugs
  • Several other changes