Arcanox Version 560 Sneak Peek

Arcanox: Multiple Decks Sneak Peek

These are some of the features that are planned to be added to the game with the next update.

  • Multiple deck slots
  • Crafting cards
  • New minion: Archer
  • A defender that will deal short range AoE damage and knock back attackers
  • New spells:
    • Trap lock
    • Kamikaze
  • Permanent effects for rooms
    • Poison
    • Frozen
  • New enchantments
    • Frenzy: Increases the attack speed of minions or defenders.
    • Life Steal: Heals minions for X% of the damage they dealt to rooms and defenders.
    • Heavy Strike: Greatly increases the damage but decreases the attack speed.
    • Last Wish
    • Revive
    • Fury
  • A list of recommended guilds to join for every player

Arcanox Version 550 Patch Notes

Arcanox version 550 is available on Google Play.


  • New guilds can have 25 instead of 5 members now.
  • Expanding a guild to 50 members requires 61% less green challenge stars.
  • The required level to confirm a friend invitation has been increased from 4 to 5 to make abuse harder. The friend invitation system will be improved with an upcoming update. All players who abused the current system will be excluded from the new one.
  • Scrolling the guild ladder has been improved.
  • Some minor translation and balancing changes.


Arcanox Version 544 Patch Notes

Arcanox version 544 will be available on Google Play in a few hours.


  • There is one chat room per game language instead of one global chat room now.
  • Devices with a 4:3 resolution are also supported now (e.g. Nexus 9).
  • Castles that are stored in Google+ can be overwritten now.
  • Fixed some crash bugs, deadlocks and translation errors.


Are The New Card Packs Worse?

3_Card_Packs Some players asked, if the new card packs for 80 rubies are worse than the old ones.


The new card packs for 80 rubies contain 5 instead of 6 cards, but you will get more better cards than before. With the new card packs you will get:

  • The same number of orange cards (3 enchantments)
  • More purple cards (2 enchantments)
  • Slightly less blue cards (1 enchantment)
  • Significantly less gray cards (0 enchantments)

Overall, therefore you get more purple and significantly less gray cards.

Arcanox Version 542 Patch Notes

Arcanox version 542 has been released today. The update includes guilds, borrowable cards, new card packs, a Russian translation, some other changes and bug fixes.

Download the new Arcanox version for FREE on Google Play!
Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles on Google Play

Read here about all new features and changes.
Changelog in Spanish / changelog en Espa√Īol.

NEW: Guilds

Guild Profile

  • Create and manage your own guild or join a guild.
  • Invite your friends to join your guild and support each other.
  • Design a unique badge for your guild. 5145 different badges are possible.
  • Beat daily challenges to increase the maximum number of members. Guilds can have up to 50 members.
  • Discuss strategies, cards, castle layouts and the challenges in the private guild chat.
  • Compare your guild with all others in the global guild ladder.

NEW: Borrow Cards From Other Players

Borrowed_CardsBeing in an active guild has the great advantage that you can borrow up to 4 cards from other guild members. To do this you need to build a guild library first.

Every borrowed card can be used once during an attack. After it has been used or at the latest after 3 hours, it is returned automatically to its owner. Borrowed cards are highlighted with the badge of your guild in the upper right corner.

NEW: 3 Card Packs

3_Card_PacksInstead of being able to buy only one card pack, you can choose between 3 card packs to buy now.