Arcanox Version 590: Improved Card Packs & Balancing

Arcanox version 590 is available on Google Play. The update improves the card packs, balancing and some other parts of the game.

Patch Notes Version 590

Improved Card Packs

All card packs have been improved to contain more useful cards.
From now on card packs don’t contain:

  1. More than 2 spells.
  2. Spells with 2 x increased effect height.
  3. Kamikaze spells with increased effect height.
  4. Minions with 2 gas masks.
  5. Minions with 2 bomb vests.
  6. Minions with both reflection and burst damage.

These cards can still be crafted.

Guild Tournaments & Seasons End At Etc/GMT-7

The guild tournaments and league seasons will end at 0:00 Etc/GMT-7 at the end of each month. At this time most players are awake and online.

Cyrillic Names

From now on almost all characters, that are displayable by the game, are allowed for players and guild names.

Arcanox Version 580: Leagues, Seasons, Guild Tournaments & Daily Tasks

Arcanox version 580 is available on Google Play. The update adds leagues, seasons, guild tournaments and daily tasks to the game. It also includes several improvements.

Patch Notes Version 580

NEW: Leagues

Arcanox: Leagues

  • From now on every player is in a league.
  • Your league is determined by your number of trophies.
  • The leagues are named: Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold
  • Every league, except the Wood league, has 5 divisions: I, II, III, IV, V
  • Your current league determines how much gold, mana and experience you receive for completing the daily tasks.

NEW: Seasons


  • At the end of each season you receive gold, mana and experience.
  • The amount of gold, mana and experience is based on the highest league you’ve reached during the season.
  • You must have been logged in at least once during the season to receive the reward.
  • Every Season has a duration of 1 month.

NEW: Guild Tournaments

Arcanox: Guild Tournaments

  • The Top 3 Guilds receive 5000/3000/1500 rubies at the end of every month.
  • The rubies will be divided equally among the top 10 players of the guild.

NEW: Daily Tasks

Arcanox: Daily Tasks

CHANGED: Destroy the enemy castle heart to win


Most new players were confused, why it is required to destroy the card shop instead of the castle heart, to win battles. The following changes were required to make this change possible:

  • Hidden guards:
    • From now on hidden guards look like castle hearts, while they are hidden.
    • The maximum level of hidden guards has been increased from 6 to 8.
    • All existing hidden guards are automatically upgraded to the same level like the castle heart.
    • The hit points of hidden guards have been changed from 4000 + 700 * level to 4200 + 500 * level.
    • The damage of hidden guards has changed from 200 + 80 * level to 220 + 60 * level.
    • Reduced ruby costs to enchant hidden guards from 12 + 3 * level to 13 + 2 * level.
  • Castle heart:
    • From now on the gold storage capacity of the castle heart is always 4000, regardless of the level.
    • The enchantment of a castle heart during battle only becomes visible, when it has been damaged.
    • No gold can be stolen from castle hearts anymore.
  • The gold storage capacity of vaults has been increased.


Arcanox Version 570 Patch Notes

Arcanox version 570 is available on Google Play. The update addresses most issues that were introduced with the last big content update. Thanks a lot to all players, who have contributed feedback and bug reports! Your feedback is really important to me!

Patch Notes Version 570

NEW: Mana for Guild Challenges

  • Players receive 3 mana per guild challenge star.
  • Up to 36 mana per day can be earned by beating the guild challenges.

NEW Guild Member Rank: Recruits

  • New players in a guild start as a recruit.
  • Recruits can be promoted and kicked by officers, generals and leaders.
  • Recruits have fewer rights than normal members. They cannot:
    • See the last used deck of other guild members.
    • Test the defenses of other members.
    • Watch the replays of test defenses.
    • See the enchantments of other guild members, when they visit their castle.

NEW: Protect Your Stored Gold

  • For 50 rubies you can protect your stored gold against attackers for 24 hours.
  • The protection can be renewed at any time and you pay only for the added time. E.g.: When your gold is protected for 12 hours you pay only 25 rubies for the renewal.
  • The castle heart and vaults cannot be attacked and destroyed while the protection is active. This also means that attackers have to destroy fewer rooms to reach a certain destruction percentage.
  • Gold in foundries can still be stolen.
  • The feature is unlocked with castle heart level 4