Arcanox Version 601: Golems, Portals & More

Arcanox version 600 is available on Google Play! The update adds golems, portals, defending minions, 2 new enchantments, 9 new achievements, premium accounts and 4 additional guild badge symbols to the game. Features like battle replays and borrowing cards are also greatly improved.

Patch Notes Version 600

New Minion: Golem


  • Drag a golem card onto a golem to heal the golem completely and to add the hit points of that card.
  • You can do this up to 3 times.

New Defense: Portals & Defending Minions

Portals and defending minions

  • The portal spawns minions, when all rooms to the right side of the portal have been destroyed.
  • Deploy minions in your portal to defend your castle.
  • Portals are unlocked at castle heart level 6.
  • Upgrading the portals will increase the number of possible minions per portal.
  • Minions do not spawn, while the portal is under construction.

New Enchantment: Lightning Shield

Lightning shield enchantment

  • The lightning shield enchantment is available for golems, barricades and castle hearts.
  • The enchantment grants the following advantages:
    • Is impenetrable to lightning bolts.
    • Takes 37% less lightning damage.