Arcanox Version 630: Improved Dungeons & Gifts

Arcanox version 630 is available on Google Play! The update places Christmas gifts in your castle, adds a free dungeon deck slot, reduces the required dungeon points for boosts, makes the dungeon stages easier and makes replays of the best dungeon battles easily available.

Because of these changes it was required to close and re-open all dungeons. But this means that you can earn more Mana, Guild Coins and boost time!

Patch notes in Spanish | Notas en Español

Patch Notes Version 630

Christmas Gifts

Arcanox Christmas Gifts

  • Everyone who logs in to the game after the update and before December 27, 2015 will find five Christmas gifts in his castle.
  • One gift per day can be opened.

New Dungeon: The Pit

Arcanox Dungeon: Pit

In the Pit the following boosts can be earned:

  • Hidden guards +1
  • Archers +1 / +2
  • Golems +1 / +2

Free Dungeon Deck Slot

  • Every player now has an additional dungeon deck slot.
  • This deck slot can only and has to be used in the dungeons.
    • The dungeon deck slot should make it clear that the dungeons are about deck building.
    • The flow in the dungeons is improved by the dungeon deck, because no deck has to be selected in the dungeons anymore.
    • This prevents players from using their dungeon deck through habit outside of the dungeons, which often resulted in defeat.
  • The dungeon deck has a fixed maximum size of 30 cards regardless of the libraries.
    • Building and optimizing a deck becomes less fun and more tiresome the larger the deck becomes. Dungeon decks with 5 to 15 cards are usually the most enjoyable to build.
    • This fixed maximum size also makes the chances in the dungeons more equal for everyone.
  • At the beginning the dungeon deck is empty, so you have to add some cards before you can attack the first stage.


Arcanox Version 623: Dungeons & Boosts!

Arcanox version 623 is available on Google Play! The update adds dungeons, guild boost and mission to the game. Daily tasks are easier now. There are also lots of other improvements you asked for!

Patch notes in Spanish | Notas en Español

Patch Notes Version 623


DungeonMap2Arcanox Dungeon

  • Leaders and Generals can unlock dungeons for their guild.
  • The first dungeon has been unlocked for every guild, so that everyone can try it right after the update.
  • All members of a guild can earn dungeon points, mana and guild coins by attacking the dungeons.
    • Use fewer cards for more dungeon points, mana and guild coins.
    • Per dungeon up to 100 mana can be earned.
    • Each stage can be attacked an unlimited number of times.
    • For each member, only the attempt with the highest number of score points counts.
  • Whenever a guild exceeds a certain number of dungeon points it receives a guild boost.
  • There is a new ladder sorted by the best score in a single dungeon.
  • Three new achievements have been added as rewards for the collection of dungeon score points.

Guild Boosts

Arcanox Guild Boosts

  • Guild boosts increase the level of rooms or cards during combat.
  • Cards and rooms can exceed their maximum level with boosts.
  • All guild members benefit from boosts.
  • The duration of boosts can be extended by Leaders and Generals.