Arcanox Trophy Balancing Reverted

The trophy balancing change from version 651 has been reverted with a small game-server update. Attackers now again lose only around 25 trophies instead of 50 trophies.

Logically the change made sense but thanks to your feedback I realized that losing too many trophies with a single defeat feels really bad.

Instead, changes to the matchmaking algorithm are planned to improve the multiplayer match quality.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Arcanox Version 661: Partly Reverted Card Borrowing

Arcanox version 661 is available on Google Play. In response to the overwhelming feedback some changes of update 651 have been reverted.

Patch notes in: Russian / Русский

Partly Reverted Card Borrowing

  • Cards are automatically returned again after use, but not when the restart button is used in a dungeon before the battle ends.
  • The old interface with the filters to borrow cards has been restored. Typing “#” in the guild chat doesn’t work anymore.
  • Up to 30 cards can now again be borrowed per request.
  • The maximum lending period is now again 6 hours. Owners can still retrieve their cards at any time!

Other Changes

  • The dungeon deck can now be edited during dungeon battles.
  • More colorblind friendly highlight of the selected next dungeon.
  • Consecutive guild chat messages of the same player are not combined into one message anymore.

Arcanox Version 651: Priest, Training, Revised Card Borrowing

Arcanox version 651 is available on Google Play!

Patch notes in: Russian / Русский

UPDATE: In response to the overwhelming feedback some changes of the update have been reverted with version 661.

New Minion: Priest


  • The priest heals friendly minions in front of him by sacrificing his own hit points. Priests can’t heal priests.
  • Cast power enchantment has been added, which increases the maximum healing per cast by 100%.
  • Three achievements have been added that reward the use of priest cards.

Revised: Borrowing Cards

  • Cards are not returned automatically after they have been used anymore.
    • Players can now only borrow the number of cards that they can actually take into a battle.
  • Lenders can now retrieve their cards.
  • Cards can now be borrowed by simply typing a message in the guild chat that starts with “#”.
  • The guild chat can now be accessed while watching dungeon replays.


  • The lending interface has been improved
    • Card type filters have been added making it easier to find the right cards.
    • Cards that are currently in a deck are also listed now, but are highlighted red. When trying to lend any of these cards a warning appears with the option to automatically remove the card from all decks.

New: Training


  • Use pre-made decks to destroy specially designed training castles.
  • Gain one of the used cards by destroying the training castle.
  • The training is designed for beginners and tries to highlight the various game elements.
  • Currently there are 13 training castles.