Incompatible Dungeon Replays

I’m sorry, but the update caused again some confusion with the replays and dungeons, because some of the old dungeon replays are not compatible with the new game version.

One example is the stage 3 dungeon highlight by boomBEERman. When the replay is played back with version 750 only 70% are destroyed, while 100%  are destroyed when it is played back with version 742.

To avoid this in the future, the following changes are planned:

  1. There will be no dungeon highlights after updates, unless they are 100% compatible.
  2. There will be a break of a few hours after each dungeon. Future updates will be rolled out during the break.

Sorry for the confusion,


Arcanox Version 750: Bard, Master of Destruction, …

Arcanox version 750 is available on Google Play!

In other languages:


  • NEW: The Master of Destruction tournament begins on May 18th 2017
  • NEW: Bard
  • Changed Card Filters
  • “Borrow Cards” Via Context Menu
  • Increased Maximum Levels of Rooms
  • More Robust Archers

All Changes

NEW: Master of Destruction

  • The new tournament “Master of Destruction” is about dealing as much damage possible to the castles of other players.
  • Every damage point counts, but only when you win the battle.
  • The tournament begins on May 18th 2017.
  • Use your attacks wisely, because your attempts are refilled only once per day.
  • A limited number of additional attempts can be purchased for rubies.
  • All participants are divided into several divisions so that everyone has the chance to win.


  • Destruction coins based on your rank are delivered to your inbox daily.
  • You can redeem the coins for special cards in the tournament shop. The shop is still available for a few days after the tournament has ended.
  • At the end of the tournament the top 3 players receive an award.

Special Rules for Attacks

  • You are free to choose which opponent you want to attack. If you don’t like the proposed opponents, you can request easier or harder ones.
  • During these attacks you can’t steal gold and don’t win or lose trophies.
  • The traps of the opponents are always active.
  • Each opponent can be attacked only once per day.
  • To give players without a strong guild a fair chance, the boosts don’t affect the tournament and borrowed cards cannot be used.
  • Other players can be attacked at any time, whether they’re online / offline or being attacked already.

NEW: Bard

  • The bard uses his music to inspire an ally in front of him. Inspired allies run fast and are immune to icing. The inspiration ends with the next attack.
  • The bard preferably prefers allies who are close to him.
  • If the bard can’t inspire anyone, he shoots magical missiles like the priest.
  • The bard and his special enchantment are unlocked with card shop level 7.
  • Priests can’t be inspired.

Special Enchantment

  • Inspired allies attack very quickly twice in succession. The damage of the second attack is reduced by 50%.
  • The damage of the second attack isn’t reduced, when the bard has the special enchantment twice.


A new training has been added, in which you can try out the bard.


The duplicate foundry boosts in the lair were replaced by boosts for the bards.


Three achievements for the use of bards have been added.


World Cup Reward Cards

Players, who are unhappy with their World Cup reward, can exchange their World Cup reward card for a fee of 10 Rubies.

Only rewards, which have been received within the last 30 days, are eligible for exchange.

Available Division I Cards

Available Division II Cards

How to request an exchange?

  1. Send me an email using the options menu of the game (“…” -> “Help” -> “Provide feedback”)
  2. Write in the email which card you want
  3. Don’t delete the information that are automatically added to the email
  4. It can take a while until your card is replaced, because I have to do it manually.

Due to technical reasons it is only possible to exchange cards which have already been claimed.

For future events I plan to let you choose your reward out of a range of items.

Have fun and congratulations to the winners! 🙂



Update: Added an overview of division II cards and extended the time frame from 11th to 14th May.