Master of Destruction 2.0

The Master of Destruction tournament was heavily improved based on the feedback:

  1. Only the best attempt per day counts and no longer the sum of all attempts, therefore failing an attack is less tragic. This also makes the tournament less time consuming and players can no longer gain an unfair advantage by buying additional attempts for rubies.
  2. Computer opponents are now attacked instead of player castles. The level of the computer opponents can be adjusted as desired. This way players can no longer gain an unfair advantage by attacking castles which have been specifically adapted to the tournament.
  3. Each player is assigned to a division based on his all-time highest trophy count. This prevents players to influence the division they are assigned to by purposely losing battles before the event starts. Tho it didn’t happen in the past, the possibility of it happening is now eliminated.
  4. The ranking is the sum of each daily best attempt. There is no rank reset.

The next tournament begins within the next 6 hours!

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