Chris_sJuhu Games is a one-man independent game studio run by Christian Teister in Hamburg, Germany. I strive to develop the best free thrilling strategy games for Android, iOS and PC.

Before Juhu Games, I worked as lead gameplay programmer on Kartuga, a 3D browser-based MMO/MOBA. Right now, I’m working on Arcanox, a mobile collectible card combat strategy MMO game. Arcanox allows me to use almost all the skills I learned while working on Velvet Assassin, Grappling Hook, Empire, Gangster, and several hobby projects over the past 12 years. Also, the game wouldn’t be possible without the advice and support of my amazing former colleagues, friends, and family.

If you want to get in touch, you can drop me a line at chris@juhugames.com.
You can follow me on twitter at @ChrisTeister.

External Contributors

Enrico Wachtel Enrico Wachtel
Sound Design & Music