Arcanox: Attack Limit & Gold Farming

With Arcanox version 530 attack limits for attacks on players and computer opponents were introduced. Right now players can attack 100 other players and 200 computer opponents per 24 hours.

These limits were added to restrict bots, but unfortunately 0.5% of all players also hit the limit. Most players who reach the limit lose lots of battles on purpuse to reduce their rating and fight against weaker opponents.

There will come changes regarding this issue with the next update.

Is losing on purpose a good strategy?

From my point of view it is not, because of the following reasons:

  • The lower the castle heart level your target, the less gold you can steal. This rule is intendet to protect low level players.
  • When you attack stronger opponents, you can steal even more gold, than from a target with the same castle heart level.
  • Many high-level targets have lots of gold stored, because they have to save it up for expensive upgrades.
  • Crushing weak opponents is less fun than a hard earned victory.

What is the best strategy to farm gold?

  1. Find a strong opponent, who saves up gold for an upgrade.
  2. Identify the floor with the most stored gold that looks doable.
  3. Focus your attack on this single floor. Don’t try to win the battle.
  4. Use the stolen gold to upgrade your cards and fight even stronger opponents.

Have fun!