Arcanox Beta Version 45 Available

Arcanox beta version 45 is available! The game server is back online!
Download the new Android beta client here.
Read instructions how to install the apk file here.

Thanks a lot to all beta testers. Your feedback was incredibly helpful and motivating!



  • “Free attacks” have been renamed to “arcane power”
  • Maximum arcane power has been increased from 5 to 15
  • Regeneration rate of arcane power has been changed from 15 to 25 minutes
  • Screen design of the attack dialogue has been improved to increase visibility of the mechanic and make it easier to understand


  • “Health” and “fire” enchantments have been split up into weak and powerful versions
  • Weak enchantments are already available with card shop level 1
  • Upgrading weak enchantments is much cheaper than upgrading the powerful versions



  • Reduced price for card packs from 100 to 90 rubies
  • Card drop balancing has been adjusted to give players quicker access to more different units and enchantments
  • “Increase effect height” enchantment for spells also increases the duration of the spell by 0,5 seconds to make attacking multiple floors at once a bit easier
  • Increased price to upgrade spell cards with “increase effect height” enchantment a bit
  • “Duration” enchantment for spells is already available with card shop level 2 instead of 3 now


  • Reduced price to upgrade castle heart from level 2 to 3 from 6000 to 5000 gold
  • Reduced gold prices to upgrade card shop
  • Increased gold capacity for foundries level 1-6
  • Decreased gold capacity for foundries level 10+
  • For better guiding library/foundry/guard level 5 are available with castle heart level 3 instead of 2 now


  • Several achievement rewards have been adjusted
  • One star wins are never rewarded with a ruby now


  • Duration of a battle is displayed on the victory/defeat screen
  • Standby mode is suppressed while game is loading
  • After a unit died it’s card is displayed for a short time
  • Reconnect doesn’t have to be confirmed any more when reason for disconnect was a language or account change
  • Improved wifi connection stability


  • Game was sometimes frozen, when it was resumed several times by tapping on a notification
  • Players were sometimes unable to log in again after they have lost connection to the server
  • Game could get stuck, when hidden HUD elements were tapped while moving a room
  • Backbutton during battles cancelled the battle without showing the retreat-confirmation-dialogue
  • An error in the zoom-gesture-implementation caused sometimes a reset of the camera
  • Push notifications are only displayed for the currently active account now
  • When the device switch to standby mode, while the game was active, the game wasn’t visible any more after wakeup from standby
  • Sometimes an error crashed the already closing game