ARCANOX: CARDS VS. CASTLES released on Android

[youtube id=”WVrYH4nuR2Y” parameters=”iv_load_policy=1″]Juhu Games has released its mobile game Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles on Android today. Arcanox is a blend of collectible cards, tower defense game and combat strategy MMO. The game is free to download from Google Play worldwide and available in English, Spanish, French and German.

Collect and upgrade over 300 minion and spell cards. Develop your ultimate unique deck and strategy. Attack castles of players from all over the world and steal their gold and pride. Build, upgrade and expand your mighty castle. Defend your castle with dragons, cannons and barricades, as well as devious traps. Master cunning strategies that are unlocked with every new minion, spell, enchantment, trap and defender. Crush multiplayer and singleplayer opponents and become a legend in Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles.

“The birth of my son gave me the decisive impulse to quit my job and start developing Arcanox. Now, two years later and with the help of several veteran game developers, I’m happy about the amazingly positive player feedback. But the Android release is only the beginning: Arcanox will also be released for iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux and there are a huge number of features, cards, defenders and traps I want to add with the next updates.” said Christian Teister, developer of Arcanox.

Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles on Google Play

Juhu Games is a one-man independent game studio founded by Christian Teister in Hamburg, Germany. Christian strives to develop the best free thrilling strategy games for Android, iOS and PC. Before Juhu Games, he worked on several PC, browser, mobile and console games, including Velvet Assassin, Empire: Four Kingdoms, Grappling Hook and Kartuga.

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