Arcanox Version 48

Arcanox beta version 48 is available! The game server is back online.


Read instructions how to install the apk file.

You can also download the desktop client for Windows/Linux/Mac.


Before you install this new version of Arcanox, you should uninstall any previous version of the game.

I had to change the application id, because of the upcoming release. Otherwise the Google Play store wouldn’t consider the app as “new” in the countries, where the game was test-launched in December. The change of the application id makes all save-game information inaccessible, even when you connected your account to Google+. Your save files will be lost, but can be restored.

Please send a message to with your account name, device name, and living country. I’ll send you instructions how to restore your account.


  • Cards, achievements, and computer opponent progress have been reset, because of significant changes to achievements and card distribtion
  • Players receive now 1 ruby for every successful defense
  • Destroying the trapper now reveals all traps
  • From now on players have to destroy the card shop instead of the castle heart for a 1-star victory
  • Cards for achievements, but no cards for destroyed card shops anymore
  • Huge number of balancing adjustments
  • Fixes for several bugs
  • Several other changes



Because of several significant changes to the achievements and card distribution, it was required to reset all decks, card storages and achievements. The progress against the computer opponents also has been reset, because it would be frustrating to attack them with the reset cards.

The castles remain unchanged. Also players of existing accounts will be able to collect the rewards for all achievements, including the additional cards, they have completed in the past.


  • Gift cards have been implemented. They can be redeemed in the options menu.
  • After the official release there will be regular gift card giveaways on Twitter (@ArcanoxGame). Players may also receive gift-cards for helpful bug reports.


  • Players get a card for every completed achievement.
  • The screen that shows all achievements has been redesigned.


  • Price for card-packages has been reduced from 90 to 80 rubies.
  • Price to change the enchantments of a card have been changed from 180/90/30 auf 160/80/25 rubies.


  • Philosophy:
    • Attacking and especially getting at least 1 star, was too easy, even against much stronger castles.
    • Both attacking and defending should be rewarding and challenging.
  • Players receive now 1 ruby for every successful defense. Reasons:
    • Defending successfully is quite hard and should be therefore rewarded.
    • Players should be motivated to care more about their defense.
    • Using the trap-maintenance-feature should pay-off, when players defend well.
  • From now on players have to destroy the card shop instead of the castle heart for a 1-star victory. Destroying the castle heart of a much stronger opponent was to easy.
  • The gold storage capacity of the castle heart increases with every upgrade. This ensures, that the castle heart is still an important target.
  • Destroying the trapper reveals all traps, now. This makes attacking easier, but adds depth to the battles.
  • Trap maintenance:
    • Duration of trap maintenance increased from 9 to 14 hour
    • Price of trap maintenance decreased from 4/8/12/16/20/24 to 5/7/9/11/13/15 rubies
    • Trap maintenance now automatically recharges traps, that are exhausted, when it is activated.
  • Card shops don’t drop cards anymore
  • Stronger hidden guards, because they should surprise attackers more.
    • Damage increased from 19 + 8 * level to 20 + 8 * level
    • Range increased from 3 to 4
    • Hit points increased from 200 + 30 * level to 400 + 70 * level
  • Hit points of guards increased from 240 + 20 * level to 240 + 23 * level
  • Hit points of cannons increased from 150 + 12 * level to 150 + 13 * level
  • Duration of heal-spell decreased from 4 to 3,5 seconds
  • Damage of witch reduced from 42 + 6 * level to 40 + 6 * level
  • Damage of warrior reduced from 42 + 6 * level to 40 + 6 * level
  • Enchantments of defenders:
    • Health bonus of health enchantment on barricade reduced from 50% to 40%
    • Health bonus of health enchantment on castle heart increased from 50% to 75%
    • Damage reflection of reflection enchantment on castle heart increased from 10% to 15%
  • Defenders under construction don’t prevent fast-attack-mode of minions anymore
  • Maximum trophy difference for valid matchmaking targets has been increased from 300 to 400 trophies
  • Bombs of cannons rotate during flight now
  • Bug fixes:
    • Game crashed when dead minions fell through a trap door
    • Cards rotation animation was not played correctly for killed minions


  • Revenge attacks against a player are possible only once now, even when there are multiple defense log entries of the same player.
  • Revenge attacks are only allowed, when the defense has lost


  • Multiplied all hit points and damage by factor 10. Reasons:
    • Decimal places are a bit nerdy.
    • More fine-grained balancing is possible now.
    • Now hit points of barricades can be over 9000!!!
  • Improved and fixed several German and English texts
  • Invited friends have to reach level 4 before they can enter the invitation code
  • Two client crash bugs, that occurred in some very special cases


  • Immersive mode is now only enabled on devices which support transparent action bars


  • Zooming with the mouse-wheel didn’t work after upgrading a room


  • Battle logs now shows how many rubies players have received for an attack or defense
  • Half-filled stars on cards have been replaced by silver stars. Half filled stars were hard to recognize on some devices.
  • Tweaked turn-animation of cards
  • Several adjustments to various windows/screens
  • Some HUD adjustments
  • Reduced drop shadow of outlined font for better readability
  • Bug fixes:
    • Sometimes multiple disconnected windows were displayed at the same time
    • Camera jumped, when second finger was over holding a button
    • Camera scroll boundaries were wrong after upgrading the castle heart


  • The gold storage capacity of the castle heart increases with every upgrade
  • Enchanting defenders now costs gold instead of rubies. Some players avoided to enchant defenders until they reached a certain level just to save some rubies. Players should be encouraged to try different enchantments for their defenders, because this is an interesting part of the game.
  • Increased upgrade costs for hidden guards and trapper
  • Increased upgrade durations for some rooms


  • Players have to build a vault in the tutorial now.
  • Closing windows with the back button during the tutorial is now only possible, when the close button is enabled.
  • New accounts start with 6 skulls, because they had won both tutorial fights


  • Sounds on Samsung Galaxy 2 devices are disabled, because of stability reasons
  • Voice of tutorial girl has been adjusted to be less offensive

Thanks a lot to all beta testers! The game wouldn’t be the same without your support and feedback. Special thanks to Philipp Arlt, Nicko Böhnke, Timur Cavusoglu, Torsten Krauß, Fabian Schaub, Fabian Struckmeyer, and Enrico Wachtel. Your feedback, advice, and bug reports were invaluable for this update!

How do you like the changes?

Have fun!