Arcanox Version 560 Sneak Peek

Arcanox: Multiple Decks Sneak Peek

These are some of the features that are planned to be added to the game with the next update.

  • Multiple deck slots
  • Crafting cards
  • New minion: Archer
  • A defender that will deal short range AoE damage and knock back attackers
  • New spells:
    • Trap lock
    • Kamikaze
  • Permanent effects for rooms
    • Poison
    • Frozen
  • New enchantments
    • Frenzy: Increases the attack speed of minions or defenders.
    • Life Steal: Heals minions for X% of the damage they dealt to rooms and defenders.
    • Heavy Strike: Greatly increases the damage but decreases the attack speed.
    • Last Wish
    • Revive
    • Fury
  • A list of recommended guilds to join for every player