Arcanox Version 562 Patch Notes

Arcanox version 562 is available on Google Play! The update includes archers, acid sprayers, new spells, 10 new enchantments, multiple decks, crafting cards, new achievements and lots of improvements.

New Minion: Archer

archerArchers shoot arrows in a high arc, which hit rooms in the second row.

New Defender: Acid-sprayer

Acid-SprayerThe acid sprayer sprays periodically acid into the room. The acid harms all minions in the room.

New Spells

Kamikaze Bomber

SuicideBombSpellCard Minions in the spell area explode. Each exploded minion deals damage to nearby rooms, also on adjacent floors. 50% of the minion’s damage per second are dealt as additional explosion damage.


TrapLockSpellCard While the spells is active traps are revealed and do not trigger.

Multiple Decks


  • You can save up to 5 decks.
  • Cards can be in as many decks simultaneously.
  • During the warm-up phase of a battle you can select the deck that you want to use.
  • The profile of guild members shows which deck has been used most recently.

Crafting Cards


  • Any card can be crafted with mana.
  • Mana is obtained by completing achievements or disenchanting cards.
  • The mana costs are based on the enchantments. Some enchantments costs less than others.
  • Cards cannot be sold for gold anymore.
  • The feature to randomly change an enchantment of a card for rubies has been removed.

10 New Enchantments

lifesteal_24 Heals for X% of the dealt damage.
frenzy_24 Reduces the attack cooldown.
revenge_24 Whenever a friendly minion dies the warrior regenerates 15% of his hit points and his attack cooldown is reduced by 0.25s.
revive_24 The goblin is revived up to X times per battle with 40% of his hit points.
bomb_vest_24 Receives X% less damage from traps.
range_24 Maximum range increased by 1.
burst_dmg_24 Significantly increased the damage per attack, but also increases the attack cooldown.
stone_skin_24 On death the knights turns into a stone statue. The statue has 70% of the knights hit points. Per second the statue loses 50 hit points.
flame_24 Increases the explosion damage of minions, which were blown up by the kamikaze bomber spell.
gas_mask_24 Receives 50% less damage from acid sprayers.

New Rewards for Inviting Friends

  • For each castle heart upgrade of a friend, 10 rubies can be collected.
  • Players who exploited the old friend invitation achievement by creating several multi accounts will not receive the new rewards.
  • All invited friends and their progress are displayed in a list.
  • By inviting friends better account-level icons can be unlocked.
  • The old achievement for invited friends has been removed.

New Achievements

  • 21 new achievements have been added.
  • Several existing achievements have been adjusted.

Improved Notifications

  • You can configure which type of notifications you want to receive.
  • Two new notifications will be send when:
    1. The traps become inactive soon.
    2. The bonus for the next attack is available.

Changed Card Pack

  • The card pack for 80 rubies has been revised, because buying it was quite unsatisfactory.
  • The chance to receive an orange or two purple cards has been increased significantly.
  • The price of the package has been increased accordingly to 100 rubies.

Other Changes

  • The enchantments of defenders are always visible for attackers to allow better preparation during the warmup phase.
  • Players can attack their own castle and the castles of guild members without consequences to test the defense.
  • The rights of all guild member ranks can be viewed in the game now.
  • There is a list of recommended guilds to join now, sorted by the number of members with the same language and total score.
  • Each enchantment has to be paid only once per defender.
  • Players will be logged out automatically, when they have been inactive for more than 10 minutes.
  • Cards can be improved both with gold and rubies now. The gold costs to improve cards have been slightly reduced.
  • The player level is no longer displayed during attacks. Some players believed wrongly that the player level has an impact on the matchmaking.
  • When a revenge attack is not possible, the exact reason is displayed.
  • On devices with Android 5+ connection changes from Wi-Fi to mobile and vice versa are suppressed to avoid connection losses.
  • The ruby-reward for winning defenses must be collected in the battle logs now.
  • At the beginning of the tutorial an extra button is displayed to log into Google+
  • The trajectory calculation of the bombs has been improved.
  • Changing the game language did not change the chat channel correctly.
  • Several words have been removed from the name bad word checker, because they to many regular names were blocked.
  • The maximum length for guild and account names has been reduced from 12 to 10.
  • Sometimes input event were not processed for a few seconds right after launching the game.
  • Several minor changes and improvements.

Balancing Changes

  • The ruby-costs to speed up upgrades has been significantly reduced. Speeding up progress below 1 minute is free now.
  • Per 24 hours gold can be captured with the first 250 attacks. Previously the caps were 100 PvP and 200 PvE attacks.

Lending Cards

  • The maximum borrowing time has been increased from 3 to 6 hours.
  • You can borrow more cards per request now.
  • The cooldown for borrow requests has been increased from 20 to 30 minutes.


  • The damage of minions with the ghost enchantment is not reduced anymore. Only the damage of the ghosts is reduced.
  • The damage of lightning projectiles is reduced with every hit now.
  • Cards with the ghost and lightning enchantment can be disenchanted for their full mana costs until August 10. 2015.
  • Cannons with the fire enchantment deal 60% instead of 50% more damage now.
  • The duration of the frost-spell has been increased from 18+2*level to 16+3*level ticks.
  • Guards with the ice enchantment free their targets for 16 instead of 15 ticks now.
  • Attackers with a significantly lower castle heart level can no longer steal as much extra gold now.


  • Witches reflect 80% instead of 70% of the damage now.
  • Goblins reflect 50% instead of 40% of the damage now.
  • Barricades reflect 11% instead of 10% of the damage now.
  • Guards and cannons reflect 25% instead of 20% of the damage now.


  • The hit points of guards and cannons are increased by 110% instead of 100% now.
  • The hit points of the castle heart are increased by 110% instead of 75% now.

Castle Expansion:

  • Upgrade costs for hidden guards and card shops are the same now.
  • Upgrade costs for libraries have been increased.
  • Upgrade costs and duration for the trapper and castle heart have been increased.


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Special thanks to Dorian Ungureanu, Enrico Wachtel, Nicko Böhnke, Sirko Rückmann, Olliver Heins, Gerru Kloppers, Stephan Beier and all beta-testers. Your feedback, help and advice was invaluable for this update!

How do you like the new features and changes? Feedback is always appreciated!

Have fun!