Arcanox Version 564 Patch Notes

Arcanox version 564 is available on Google Play. This is just a small client update that fixes several bugs and improves some features.

Patch Notes

  • The game doesn’t crash anymore, when a battle replay is viewed right after launching the game.
  • Replays of internal guild battles are no longer displayed in the guild chat, when nothing has been destroyed.
  • From now on the green upgrade highlight around cards is only displayed, when they can be upgraded for gold.
  • The revenge buff effect was displayed and the sound played, even when the warrior was already dead.
  • The card count per card type in the deck details was displayed wrong for stacked card.
  • The order of the action texts during combat has been improved to ensure that heal effects are always visible.
  • Some minor changes to the localization.

Sneak Peak

These are some of the changes, that are planned for the next update:

  • Mana as a reward for completing guild challenges.
  • More gold from computer opponents.
  • A temporary shield for vaults to protect stored gold.
  • Reduction of the damage that is caused by spike traps.