Arcanox Version 570 Patch Notes

Arcanox version 570 is available on Google Play. The update addresses most issues that were introduced with the last big content update. Thanks a lot to all players, who have contributed feedback and bug reports! Your feedback is really important to me!

Patch Notes Version 570

NEW: Mana for Guild Challenges

  • Players receive 3 mana per guild challenge star.
  • Up to 36 mana per day can be earned by beating the guild challenges.

NEW Guild Member Rank: Recruits

  • New players in a guild start as a recruit.
  • Recruits can be promoted and kicked by officers, generals and leaders.
  • Recruits have fewer rights than normal members. They cannot:
    • See the last used deck of other guild members.
    • Test the defenses of other members.
    • Watch the replays of test defenses.
    • See the enchantments of other guild members, when they visit their castle.

NEW: Protect Your Stored Gold

  • For 50 rubies you can protect your stored gold against attackers for 24 hours.
  • The protection can be renewed at any time and you pay only for the added time. E.g.: When your gold is protected for 12 hours you pay only 25 rubies for the renewal.
  • The castle heart and vaults cannot be attacked and destroyed while the protection is active. This also means that attackers have to destroy fewer rooms to reach a certain destruction percentage.
  • Gold in foundries can still be stolen.
  • The feature is unlocked with castle heart level 4

NEW Enchantment: Looter

  • Minions with the new enchantment steal 25%¬†gold extra from rooms of computer opponents.
  • The enchantment stacks up to 3 times. This means up to 75% gold extra can be stolen from computer opponents.
  • The enchantment is unlocked with card shop level 5.

Balancing Changes

  • Foundries above level 6 produce up to 37% more gold per hour now. The maximum capacity of the foundries has been increased by the same amount.
  • For level 3 of all use-card-achievements the cards have to be used only 25.000 instead of 50.000 times now.
  • Gas masks reduce the damage from acid sprayers by 75% instead of 50% now.
  • Bomb vests reduce the damage from traps by 75% instead of 50% now.
  • Upgrade costs have been reduced a bit for the following rooms:
    • Castle hearts (level 3-8)
    • Libraries (level 13-16)
    • Trapper (level 2-6)

Other Changes

  • When guild members visit the castles of other guild members, they can see the enchantments of the defenders now.
  • The maximum number of attack and defense logs has been increased from 10 to 15.
  • “Disenchanting” has been renamed to “selling”, because some players thought they have to pay mana to disenchant cards.
  • When using the kamikaze bomber spell a visual effect highlights the affected area now.
  • Fixed several bugs.

How do you like the changes?