Arcanox Version 601: Golems, Portals & More

Arcanox version 600 is available on Google Play! The update adds golems, portals, defending minions, 2 new enchantments, 9 new achievements, premium accounts and 4 additional guild badge symbols to the game. Features like battle replays and borrowing cards are also greatly improved.

Patch Notes Version 600

New Minion: Golem


  • Drag a golem card onto a golem to heal the golem completely and to add the hit points of that card.
  • You can do this up to 3 times.

New Defense: Portals & Defending Minions

Portals and defending minions

  • The portal spawns minions, when all rooms to the right side of the portal have been destroyed.
  • Deploy minions in your portal to defend your castle.
  • Portals are unlocked at castle heart level 6.
  • Upgrading the portals will increase the number of possible minions per portal.
  • Minions do not spawn, while the portal is under construction.

New Enchantment: Lightning Shield

Lightning shield enchantment

  • The lightning shield enchantment is available for golems, barricades and castle hearts.
  • The enchantment grants the following advantages:
    • Is impenetrable to lightning bolts.
    • Takes 37% less lightning damage.

New Enchantment: Spell Shield

New spell shield enchantment

  • The spell shield enchantment is available for all minions.
  • Minions with the enchantment are immune to all spells.

New Achievements

  • 9 new achievements have been added.
  • The total rewards for the achievements are:
    • 9 golem cards
    • 860 rubies

Premium Accounts

Premium Account

  • You can now upgrade your account to a premium account for rubies.
  • Premium accounts gain 100% additional gold and experience for every battle.
  • When you activate the premium account, you also get the bonus for the previous battle.

Gold For Guild Challenges

  • Besides mana you now also gain gold for completing the guild challenges.
  • The challenges grant the following amount of gold:
    • Challenge 1: 15 000 gold
    • Challenge 2: 40 000 gold
    • Challenge 3: 75 000 gold
    • Challenge 4: 130 000 gold

Improved Card Borrowing

Improved card borrowing

  • From now on you can specify the cards that you want to borrow from your guild members.
  • The following filters are available:
    • Card types
    • Minimum number of enchantments
    • Minimum card level
  • The filter settings are saved, so you only need to configure them once.

Improved Replays


  • Replays can be paused now.
  • All used cards are now displayed during replays.
    • You can tap on the cards to view the card details.
    • The replay is automatically paused when you are viewing the details of a card.
    • Already used cards are highlighted.
  • You can now share the replays of your guild challenge battles with your guild members.

New Guild Badge Symbols


  • 4 new guild badge symbols have been added.

Improved Suggested Guilds

  • Guilds in which all generals and leaders have not been active for more than 2 days will not be suggested anymore.
  • Guilds with recent chat activity will be displayed at the top of the list.
  • The maximum number of suggested guilds has been increased from 15 to 20.

Confirming Spending Rubies

  • When you are about to spend rubies for one of the following actions, the game now asks for confirmation:
    • Activating your traps
    • Finishing the construction of a room
    • Upgrading a card
  • You can disable the new confirmation dialogs in the settings menu.

Balancing Changes

  • The reward for completing the daily tasks has been increased by 2 mana for all leagues.
  • Upgrading orange cards costs 34% less.
  • Upgrading gray and blue cards costs 100% more.
  • The looter enchantment (which grants extra gold from computer opponents) is already unlocked at card shop level 3 instead of 5 now.
  • Goblins are revived with 45% instead of 40% of their hit points now.
  • Reduced the upgrade durations for libraries on all levels by around 1 hour.

Other Changes

  • When you craft a card, you can buy missing mana for rubies now. The exchange rate is similar to the amount of mana you get, when you buy card packs and sell all the cards.
  • From now on you can clone every card in the game, assuming that your card shop has the required level and you have enough rubies. The costs are the same as if you would craft the card and upgrade it for rubies, so this is only a comfort feature.
  • All guild members (except leaders), that have been inactive for more than 60 days, will be automatically removed from their guilds.
  • From now on only players that have been active in the last 30 days will be displayed in the ladders.
  • Numerous user interface improvements.
  • Optimized client performance and memory usage.

How do you like the golem, portal and improvements?

Special thanks to Sirko Rückmann, Gerru Kloppers, Torsten Krauß, Olliver Heins, Stephan Beier, Philipp Arlt and all players who provided valueable feedback! Also special thanks to Enrico Wachtel and Walter Wigand for creating the sound effects of the golem and portal!

Have fun! 🙂