Arcanox Version 640: New Trap, Spell, Enchantment & More

Arcanox version 640 is available on Google Play!

Patch notes in: Russian / Русский

Hint: When Google Play doesn’t show the update either restart your device or force-stop the Google Play app to clear it’s cache. Do NOT uninstall Arcanox, because this deletes the local save files!

New Enchantment: Curse


  • The curse enchantment is available for cannons and acid-sprayers.
  • Defenders with the curse enchantment deal 90% less damage, but curse their targets on hit for a few seconds.
  • Cursed targets lose 15% of their current hit points per second.

New Trap: Curse Trap


  • A trap, which curses all minions within the room for 5 seconds.
  • Cursed minions lose 15% of their current hit points per second.

New Spell: Dispel



  • The dispel spell removes all negative temporary effects from friendly minions.
  • The spell is unlocked by card shop level 5.
  • Three new achievements have been added that reward the use of the new spell.

New: Destroying Foundries


  • It is now possible to destroy all foundries, except one.
  • Reasons for this change:
    • Building too many foundries can be a disadvantage, because it weakens the defense of a castle.
    • Players who started playing with this knowledge, had an unfair advantage over players without this knowledge, because there was no way to revert the “mistake”.

Revised: Guild Tournament


  • The guild score per member is now the sum of his trophies and 12.5% of the dungeon score that he has collected during the season.
  • The total score of the guild is the weighted sum of the members’ scores:
    • Top 1 to 10: 50%
    • Top 11 to 20: 25%
    • Top 21 to 30: 13%
    • Top 31 to 40: 7%
    • Top 41 to 50: 3%
    • Top 51 to 60: 2%

Revised: Life Leech


Life leech is intended to be an enchantment that increases the survivability of minions with low hit points and high damage output (witches/warriors/archers). Unfortunately I made a huge mistake with the balancing of the enchantment by giving minions with low damage per second a higher life leech bonus. Minions with low damage per second (knights/golems) already gain a higher damage per second bonus from hammer/fire/sword enchantments with already increases the life leech effectiveness. By giving them also a higher life leech percentage it inverted the basic idea of the enchantment and made the life leech enchantment overpowered on knights and golems than less effective on archers, warriors and witches.

To fix this mistake all minions with life leech now heal for 25% of the dealt damage.

  • Witches, warriors and archers with the life leech enchantment now heal for 25% of the dealt damage instead of 15%.
  • Knights with the life leech enchantment now heal for 25% of the dealt damage instead of 50%.
  • Golems with the life leech enchantment now heal for 25% of the dealt damage instead of 35%.

You will notice that knights and golems with life leech can still be very useful, especially in the dungeons. But when you are not happy with them anymore, you can sell them for their full Mana- and Gold -costs until February 16th 2016.

Dungeons Related Changes

  • After every major update:
    1. The best dungeon score ladder will reset automatically.
    2. Dungeons will be automatically reopened.
    3. All guilds will fight against the same dungeon stages, regardless of which dungeon they opened.
  • The player profile now shows both the best dungeon score since the last major update and the all-time best dungeon score.
  • Players who have left a guild recently now have to wait 3 days until they can fight in the dungeon of their new guild.
  • Beating a dungeon with 3 stars now gives 10% more points than beating it with two stars and only a third of the cards.

Guild Related Changes

  • Guilds can now set a minimum all-time best dungeon score as an additional joining requirement.
  • Players who join a guild can now only see messages in the guild chat that were written after they joined the guild.

Revised: Smashing

  • Most players didn’t notice that frozen targets are smashed when they have less than 10% of their maximum hit points and receive damage. A sound and particle effect have been added to emphasize the smashing.
  • Also acid-sprayers can’t smash frozen targets anymore.

Balancing Changes

  • Traps can be activated with gold for 10 hours now instead of only 8 hours. The gold costs have been increased accordingly.
  • Computer opponents at levels 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19 and 22 use less and weaker defenders now.
  • Freeze spells are now unlocked by card shop level 3 instead of 4.
  • Trap lock spells are now unlocked by card shop level 4 instead of 5.


  • Knights with a stone skin now lose only 180 hit points per second instead of 200.
  • Goblins with the revive enchantment are revived with 50% of their maximum hit points instead of 45%.
  • Warriors with revenge enchantments now heal 20% of their hit points instead of 15% when a friendly minion dies.
  • Acid-sprayers have been slightly rebalanced to make it possible to avoid damage by 3 consecutive sprayers with perfect timing.
    • The spray cooldown has been increased from 3.5 to 4 seconds.
    • The spray duration has been increased from 2 to 2.25 seconds.

Other Changes

  • Some user interface improvements.
  • Improved performance in big castles.

Fixed Bugs

  • After a reconnection no new chat-messages were displayed.
  • The game crashed when attempting to clone level 9 and 10 cards.
  • During replays the boosts of rooms were not displayed.
  • Several rare crash bugs.

Have fun and tell me how you like the update! 🙂