Arcanox Version 651: Priest, Training, Revised Card Borrowing

Arcanox version 651 is available on Google Play!

Patch notes in: Russian / Русский

UPDATE: In response to the overwhelming feedback some changes of the update have been reverted with version 661.

New Minion: Priest


  • The priest heals friendly minions in front of him by sacrificing his own hit points. Priests can’t heal priests.
  • Cast power enchantment has been added, which increases the maximum healing per cast by 100%.
  • Three achievements have been added that reward the use of priest cards.

Revised: Borrowing Cards

  • Cards are not returned automatically after they have been used anymore.
    • Players can now only borrow the number of cards that they can actually take into a battle.
  • Lenders can now retrieve their cards.
  • Cards can now be borrowed by simply typing a message in the guild chat that starts with “#”.
  • The guild chat can now be accessed while watching dungeon replays.


  • The lending interface has been improved
    • Card type filters have been added making it easier to find the right cards.
    • Cards that are currently in a deck are also listed now, but are highlighted red. When trying to lend any of these cards a warning appears with the option to automatically remove the card from all decks.

New: Training


  • Use pre-made decks to destroy specially designed training castles.
  • Gain one of the used cards by destroying the training castle.
  • The training is designed for beginners and tries to highlight the various game elements.
  • Currently there are 13 training castles.

New: Attacking Computer Opponents Repeatedly

  • Computer opponents can now be attacked repeatedly until their castle has been completely destroyed or until the computer opponent level changes.
  • Decks can be edited in between the attacks.
  • Each gold coin and ruby can be gained only once per computer opponent.

Improved: Spending Rubies Warnings


  • A warnings has been added when buying card packs.
  • The warnings can now be enabled/disabled separately either via the options menu or when they are displayed.

Dungeon Related Changes


  • In dungeons a restart button is now available, which can be used to quickly restart the attack on a dungeon stage.
  • The opening hand in dungeons is now completely random.
  • The “best dungeon score” ladder is now divided into three ladders: current dungeon, this month, all-time.
  • Dungeons now open automatically at the same time for all guilds. Leaders and generals can select the dungeon that is opened next.
  • Players who achieved a dungeon score first are now displayed over players who achieved it afterwards.
  • Boosts are now extended by four days instead of two days with guild coins to reduce the number of messages in the guild chat.
  • The guild score per member is now the sum of his trophies and 10% of the dungeon score that he has collected during the season. This value will be adjusted frequently in the future in line with the constantly raising number of trophies.
  • Rebalanced the portals in the dungeons. Especially reduced the maximum possible number of portals and defending minions on the stages 1 – 3.
  • Recruits cannot watch dungeon replays that are posted in the guild chat anymore.
  • Recruits cannot see the dungeon stage scores of their guild mates anymore.

Other Changes

  • The bazaar is now a permanent feature.
  • From now on it is allowed to combine the reflection enchantment with the enchantments ghost, small fire, big fire, and hammer.
  • When attackers lose a multiplayer battle they now lose the total number of trophies instead of half. This change should help to reduce the number of defeats, until players with a strong defence but weak offence reach the number of trophies that matches their attack power.
  • While attacking other players, the name of their guild is now displayed next to their name.
  • The game server now combines consecutive guild chat messages of the same player into one message.
  • Players who try to cheat rubies by using external tools do not receive rubies for attacks anymore. So far, all attempts to cheat rubies have failed.
  • Several minor interface improvements.

Fixed Bugs

  • Dungeon preview in the background sometimes appeared different to the actual dungeon stage.

Thanks a lot to Nicko Böhnke, Dennis Alfaro, Sirko Rückmann, Enrico Wachtel and all players who provided valuable feedback.
The game wouldn’t be the same without you!

Have fun and tell me how you like the update! 🙂