Arcanox Version 661: Partly Reverted Card Borrowing

Arcanox version 661 is available on Google Play. In response to the overwhelming feedback some changes of update 651 have been reverted.

Patch notes in: Russian / Русский

Partly Reverted Card Borrowing

  • Cards are automatically returned again after use, but not when the restart button is used in a dungeon before the battle ends.
  • The old interface with the filters to borrow cards has been restored. Typing “#” in the guild chat doesn’t work anymore.
  • Up to 30 cards can now again be borrowed per request.
  • The maximum lending period is now again 6 hours. Owners can still retrieve their cards at any time!

Other Changes

  • The dungeon deck can now be edited during dungeon battles.
  • More colorblind friendly highlight of the selected next dungeon.
  • Consecutive guild chat messages of the same player are not combined into one message anymore.