Arcanox Version 670 Beta

The next Arcanox update is almost ready to be released, but it needs some more testing and polishing. Also I want to hear your feedback.

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Update: The beta is over. Thanks to all players who provided valuable feedback. The update is coming soon!

How can I join the beta?

  1. Download the beta-client:
  2. DO NOT uninstall the live-version of the game.
  3. Before you can install the APK file, you must first allow your phone to install apps from “Unknown Sources“. To do this, navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Applications and check the box named “Unknown Sources“.
  4. The beta app is called “Arcanox Beta”. Start it.
  5. Send me an email using “…” (button in the top left corner) -> “Help” -> “Provide feedback” in the game, when you want to play with your existing account on the beta server. Add the name of your account and guild to the email.
  6. Redeem the gift code “v670” to receive 2.000 rubies on the beta-server.

Notes on the beta

  • You can install the live and beta version on the same device at the same time.
  • Unfortunately loading your existing account via Google+ doesn’t work, because it is a new app.
  • The beta version only works properly in English and German.
  • Actions on the beta-server do not affect the live-server.
  • The beta-server is reset, when the beta test ends.
  • Dungeons are open for only 24 hours instead of 3 days.
  • There are no push-notifications.
  • Buying rubies is disabled.

The beta test ends on April 17, 2016.

Please report bugs and provide feedback in the beta-forum during the beta. Feedback and bug reports submitted after the beta can not be

Patch Notes Version 670

This is a preliminary list of changes for the update 670.
It is likely that details will change until release.

New Rooms: Shrines


  • In combat shrines have the chance to add their own enchantment to up to a maximum of four defenders.
  • Additional enchantments disappear when the shrine is destroyed.
  • There are three different shrines:
    • Shrine of the Barricades (available with level 8)
    • Shrine of the Cannons (available with level 9)
    • Shrine of the Guards (available with level 10)
  • Some enchantments cannot be combined. E.g. fire + ice, curse + fire
    • When a defender is randomly selected for the additional enchantment, but the enchantments cannot be combined, the additional enchantment is omitted.
  • Building and upgrading a shrine always costs 600,000 Gold and takes 4 days 22 hours.
  • Shrines are always active, even when they are under construction.

New Dungeon: Ruins


The following boosts can be unlocked in the Ruins:

  1. Foundry level +1/2/3
  2. Priest level +1/2

New: Pick Your Opening Hand


  • In the dungeons you can now select cards for your opening hand.
  • This means you can always play dungeon decks with up to 14 cards in perfect order.
  • Use of this feature is optional. When you select nothing your opening hand will be random.

New: Protected Stored Gold After Defeat


  • After defensive defeats the gold stored in vaults is protected for 3 hours.
  • When buying the gold protection for 50 rubies it now lasts 46 instead of 24 hours.

Revised: Guild Tournament Rewards


  • The fourth guild now receives 750 rubies at the end of the guild tournament.
  • From now on the guild tournament reward will be distributed based on the weighted score of each guild member.
    • In the past, the top 10 members received 10% of the rubies and everyone else received nothing.
    • Read the forum discussion about this here.

Revised: Dungeon Balancing

Full Mana for 300 Instead of 500 Points

The required score per dungeon stage to gain 20 Mana has been lowered from 500 to 300.

Most players will now gain a lot more Mana per dungeon.

New Dungeon Score Formula

DungeonStageScore = (StarFactor * StageFactor) / (UsedCards / 2 + 1)

The new formula increases the average dungeon scores and decreases the top scores. The gap between the top and average will be smaller than before and with the higher average scores the dungeons will hopefully be more rewarding for a majority of the players.

Reduced Score for 2-4 Borrowed Cards

Borrowed used cards are now counted differently for the dungeon score calculation:

  • 1 borrowed card equals 1 own card.
  • 2 borrowed cards equal 3 own cards.
  • 3 borrowed cards equal 5 own cards.
  • 4 borrowed cards equal 7 own cards.

When you are among the 92% of active players who doesn’t have a guild library or only a level 1 guild library, then this doesn’t affect you. Otherwise you might want to read about the details and reasons for this change here.

Everyone can destroy his guild library once in order to get back 100% of the rubies. (There is no time limit.)

Smarter Priests


Priests now stay a few steps behind friendly minions even when they have full health. When nothing can be healed but a target is in range, they attack the target.

This is smarter behavior because:

  • Priests now don’t run past the minions who they should heal.
  • Avoiding damage with priests is easier.
    • E.g. the priest in the situation above stays behind the witch instead of running past her.

Revised: Daily Tasks


  • Two new daily tasks have been added:
    • “Achieve 150 points in the current dungeon.”
    • “Achieve 1000 points in the current dungeon.”
    • When you complete these tasks, they remain completed until the next dungeon opens. You have to complete them only once every 4 days!
  • The task “Lend a card.” has been removed, because many players complained about it.
  • You still only have to complete 3 tasks for the reward.

New: Castle Heart Level 10

  • Increased maximum castle heart level from 9 to 10.
    • The maximum width of a castle has increased from 12 to 13 rooms.
  • Increased maximum number of guards/cannons/barricades/acid sprayers from 20 to 21.
  • Increased maximum level of hidden guards from 9 to 10.
  • Increased maximum computer opponent level from 27 to 30.

Revised: Dungeon Ladders


Based on the result of this forum pool the dungeon ladders have changed:

  • The “Best Monthly” dungeon score ladder has been replaced by “Total Monthly”
  • The “Best All Time” dungeon score ladder has been replaced by “Total All Time”

Improved Premium Account


From now on with a premium account:

  • You receive the gold protection after a defeat for 8 instead of 3 hours.
  • Your traps are always active.

Balancing Changes

  • Reduced the maximum number of minions per portal on dungeon stage 2 from 4 to 3.
  • Reduced the hit box size of minions to match their visual size.
  • Reduced upgrade costs:
    • Castle heart:
      • Level 7: 1,400,000 -> 1,300,000
      • Level 8: 2,900,000 -> 2,400,000
      • Level 9: 4,400,000 -> 3,400,000
    • Hidden guard:
      • Level 8: 2,400,000 -> 2,000,000
      • Level 9: 3,600,000 -> 2,800,000
    • Guards/cannons/barricades/acid sprayers:
      • Level 18: 1,850,000 -> 1,750,000
      • Level 19: 2,300,000 -> 2,100,000
      • Level 20: 2,800,000 -> 2,500,000
    • Trapper:
      • Level 6: 3,400,000 -> 3,100,000
      • Level 7: 4,900,000 -> 4,500,000
  • Reduced upgrade times:
    • Vault level 2-9
    • Card shop level 2-6
    • Castle heart level 4-10
    • Guards/cannons/barricades/acid sprayers level 2-9

Other Changes

  • The list of already paid enchantments per room is now displayed on the info dialog.
  • The ban duration of players in the global chat now increases when players are banned multiple times.
  • Several interface improvements.
  • Goblins are now revived at the position where they received the death blow instead of where their corpse vanished.
  • Two additional training levels.
  • The guild chat can now be accessed during battles (except PvP battles).
  • Recruits can now see at least their own replays and scores in dungeons.

Bug Fixes

  • Minions who triggered explosion traps were sometimes hit twice.
  • Defending minions are not damaged by explosions caused by kamikaze spells anymore.
  • After a server restart borrowed cards were sometimes not visible to the borrower.

Thank you and have fun! 🙂