Arcanox Version 682: World Cup, More Training, Awards, Italian Translation, …

Arcanox version 682 is available on Google Play!

Patch notes in other languages:


  • The Arcanox World Cup begins on July 2nd!
  • New look for computer opponents castles!
  • New: 12 Additional Training Levels
  • New: Italian Translation
  • New: Giftable Rubies
  • New: Awards
  • Rebalanced: Boosts
  • Improved: Global Chat
  • New: Guild Chat Welcome Message

NEW: World Cup


The World Cup is a competition contested by teams of up to 5 players. Only members of the same guild can create a team. The number of teams per guild is not limited. Recruits and players without a guild cannot participate. The registration stage for the first World Cup will begin on July 2nd! The World Cup might become a regular event every second or third month.


Teams can win an award, a special looking witch card, 21 days premium time and up to 3,000 Mana. Premium time and Mana and will be equally divided among all team members.



Group Stage

Each team is randomly assigned to a group. All teams try to achieve the highest possible score in three dungeons. Only the highest score per team per dungeon counts. The top two teams from each group advance to the knockout stage.

Knockout Stage

The knockout stage is a single-elimination tournament in which two teams play each other. In the first knockout round the winner of each group plays against the runner-up of another group. After this the winners of each knockout round play each other in another round until there is only one team left. During the finals the losers of the semi-finals also play for third-place.

In all knockout matches the teams try to achieve the highest possible score in their opponent’s dungeon. The layout of the dungeons is the same for both teams, but the highest level rooms of the team members are used for the construction of the dungeon.

Only the highest score per team counts.


When creating a team you have to choose a division. Division I offers the most rewards but the dungeons are the toughest and the competition is the strongest there.


New Achievement

An achievement for participating in the World Cup has been added .

New look for computer opponents castles


Castles of computer opponents now look different than player castles. With the next update the wooden castle skin and an undead castle skin will become available for purchase.

NEW: More Training


  • 12 new training stages have been added.
  • 10 of these new training stages are targeted towards new players and will be therefor no challenge for experienced players.
  • All 27 training stages are now displayed on the world map.
  • Some of the existing training stages are now easier and some hints have been added.

NEW: Awards


Besides the award for the World Cup there are now also the following awards:

  1. Guild Tournament: All members of the top 3 guilds receive the award at the end of the season.
  2. Dungeon Score: The top 3 players with the highest monthly dungeon score receive this award at the end of the season.
  3. Trophies: The top 3 players with the most trophies receive this award at the end of the season.

The awards are displayed in the public player profile.

NEW: Banish Guild Members

  • Leaders and Generals can now permanently ban members from their guild.
  • Leaders and Generals can revoke a ban by inviting the player.

NEW: Guild Chat Welcome Message

  • Leaders and Generals can now set a welcome message for the guild chat.
  • This welcome message is displayed to new Recruits, when they join the guild.
  • Type “/help” in the guild chat to view a list of all chat commands.

NEW: Giftable Rubies


  • It is now possible to give away bought Rubies to guild members.
    • Due to technical reasons only Rubies, which have been bought after the update, can be given away.
  • A personal message can be added to the gift
  • The gift is displayed in the inbox of the presentee and he receives a push-notification.
  • The feature is available at level 30 for players, whose first purchase of rubies is more than 30 days ago.
  • Players who try to abuse the gifts or in-app-purchases or behave untrustworthy might lose access to this feature.

IMPROVED: Global Chat

  • There is now a separate chat channel for each game language.
  • Switching the chat channel doesn’t require switching the game language anymore. Instead the chat channel can be chosen separately.
  • The history of the global chat has been extended from 3 to 8 messages.
  • The list of bad words has been extended for all available languages.
  • FIXED After a reconnect the chat history sometimes wasn’t displayed.


  • Boosts from the dungeons and the costs to extend the boosts have been rebalanced with the following goals in mind:
    • It should be easier for weaker guilds to maintain low level boosts.
    • It should be harder for powerful guilds to maintain all max level boosts.
  • The duration of boosts is limited to 20 days now. Guilds with boosts that exceeded the 20 days received a refund.

NEW: Converting Guild Coins To Dungeon Points

  • Leaders and Generals can now convert 15.000 guilds coins to 3.000 dungeon points for their current dungeon.
  • A guild can only do this up to 3 times per month.
  • The converted dungeon points do not influence the guild score.

NEW: Italian Translation

Arcanox is now also available in Italian. Thanks to Marco Dee for the translation!

NEW: Goals


  • To improve the user experience during the first few days of playing goals have been added for new accounts.
  • The goals try to teach new players how to play the game, after they have finished the tutorial.
  • After the completion of all goals the achievements become visible.
  • Several achievements either have been adjusted or replaced by goals.

Combat Related Changes

  • Priests
    • Slightly increased the healing range of priests.
    • Priests can have the range enchantment now, which increases both their attack and healing range.
    • FIXED Projectiles of defending priests flew too short.
    • FIXED Priests could get stuck after falling through trap doors.
  • FIXED Warriors with the revenge enchantment healed only 20% of their current hit points instead of 20% of their maximum hit points.
  • FIXED Knights with the statue enchantment, who reached the end of the floor, didn’t disappear like all other minions, but turned into invisible statues instead. Priests healed these invisible statues.

Dungeon Related Changes

  • From now on the statistics of previous dungeons can be viewed.
  • It is now possible to edit the dungeon deck while watching a dungeon replay.
  • The remaining time in the current dungeon is now also displayed at the bottom of the guild chat.
  • FIXED It was possible to carry over the result on a dungeon stage to the next dungeon.

Other Changes

  • Several interface improvements.
  • Reduced gold costs to search for new enemies.
  • Reduced costs to upgrade cards between level 1 and 4.
  • Increase stored gold of computer opponents by ~750.
  • Adjusted upgrade times of low level rooms for a smoother initial experience.
  • Inbox:
    • Increased the maximum number of inbox messages from 20 to 30.
    • Inbox messages are not deleted automatically after 30 days anymore.
  • The account information is now stored encrypted on the SD-card of the device. This makes it easier to participate in beta tests with the live account and also prevents the loss of game progress, even when the game account is not connected to Google+.
  • Translation:
    • FIXED Some texts were not translated and always English.
    • FIXED Some errors in the Russian and French translation.
  • FIXED Some rare crash bugs.
  • FIXED Some bugs in the tutorial.

Special thanks to (alphabetical order) Achilles, Bilbo, blondi, Erinya, Flame, Gerroux, kaffee, Kimbojones, Lhayze, Littlesix, Mappo, Nilexi, Prinz, Sirko and Zavadskij for the valuable feedback during the open beta!

Have fun and tell me how you like the update! 🙂