Arcanox Version 691: Popular Cards, Castle Skins, New World Cup

Arcanox version 691 is available on Google Play!

Patch notes in other languages:


  • New: List of the most popular cards of the Top 400 players
  • New: Goblin and undead skin for player castles
  • Redesigned World Cup. The next Cup begins on August 3rd!
  • From now on the dungeons reopen when the season ends
  • New players can now attack the dungeon that is already open
  • Amount of transferred data reduced by up to 90%!

New: Popular Cards


There is now a list in the shop of the most popular cards of the Top 400 players. This list should help to decide which card to craft next.

New: Player Castle Skins


You can now buy skins for your castle in the shop for real money. More customization options are planned.

Redesigned World Cup

The World Cup has been redesigned, because it was an unexciting event most players:

  • Most teams were eliminated during the group stage.
  • In most groups it was obvious which teams will advance to the knockout stage.

The World Cup might become a regular event every second or third month. The second World Cup starts shortly after the first one, because of the redesign.

Group Stage Replaced By Swiss Pairings

The group stage has been replaced by a Swiss-system tournament. The Swiss-system is the best and most popular tournament format for everything with a big number of participants. You can read about the Swiss-system in detail here.

Swiss-system in a nutshell:

  • In each round all teams play against another team with a similar number of points.
  • Teams are not paired against opponents they have previously played.
  • The system tries to avoid matching teams of the same guild against each other.
  • Teams left over receive a bye: they do not play that round but are awarded the points for a win.
  • Teams with a match score of 0 are regarded as withdrawn. They are removed from the tournament and receive no rewards. When many teams withdraw the number of Swiss rounds may need to be reduced.
  • The Top 8 teams advance to the knockout stage.

Other World Cup Changes

  • Teams can now have up to 7 members.
  • Replays of other teams are now available once a round is over.
  • The level of your castle heart now determines which division you can join:
    • Division I: Level 6 – 10
    • Division II: Level 4 – 7
    • Division III: Level 1 – 5
    • Reason: This change should ensure that strong players don’t steamroll lower division.

Other Changes

  • From now on the dungeons reopen when the season ends.
  • New players can now attack the dungeon that is already open.
  • The game now caches data on your device to reduce the amount of transferred data by up to 90%!

Have fun and tell me how you like the update! 🙂