Arcanox Version 700: Ninja, Energy Shield, …

Arcanox version 700 is available on Google Play!

Patch notes in other languages:


  • New Minion: Ninja
  • New Enchantment: Energy Shield
  • New Function: Downgrading Cards
  • Several other improvements

New Minion: Ninja

Ninja Dashing

  • Ninjas are melee fighters.
  • They teleport through the first room, which blocks their path.
  • The exclusive enchantment for ninjas is “Invisibility”: Ninjas with this enchantment are invisible until they attack or are hurt.
  • A ninja training level has been added.
  • An achievement for using ninjas has been added.

New Enchantment: Energy Shield

Energy shield for guards

  • The “energy shield” is a new enchantment for guards and hidden guards.
  • It is unlocked for guards with level 8 and on hidden guards with level 7.
  • The enchantment creates an energy shield which absorbs one hit.
  • The energy shield regenerates after 2.5 seconds.

New Function: Downgrading Cards

  • In response to several player requests it is now possible to downgrade cards.
  • You don’t get back any Gold or Rubies when downgrading a card.
  • When you want to upgrade the card again later, you have to pay for it again.

Balancing Changes

  • Defenders with the lightning shield enchantment are now impenetrable both by lightning and ninjas.
  • Priests move forward now to heal damaged friends behind targets. In the past priests attacked the target instead.
  • Increased the influence of the dungeon score on the guild score from 10% to 11%. This will be adjusted from time to time to balance out the steadily increasing trophies.
  • Guards with the damage reflection enchantment now reflect 35% instead of 30% of the received damage.
  • Cannons with the damage reflection enchantment now reflect 40% instead of 30% of the received damage.

Other Changes

  • It is now possible to disable the account backup on the SD-card.
  • Corrections to the French, Spanish and Russian translations.
  • Made several training levels easier, or added hints.
  • The purchase bonus hint is now displayed less frequently.
  • A warning is now displayed, when players try to upgrade their castle heart too early.
  • The game now asks for confirmation when crafting a card.

Fixed Bugs

  • Lent cards were not counted in the “popular cards” list.
  • The Platinum league is now displayed correctly.
  • It’s now possible to delete the guild welcome message.
  • At the end of the month the dungeon timer showed an incorrect remaining time.
  • Fixed various rare crash bugs.

Current Dungeon

The current dungeon changed because of the new game elements and balancing changes. Dungeons will not reopen automatically with the release of new game versions anymore, because this is unfair to players who didn’t play the dungeon before the update. Scores in the dungeon before and after the update might be different, but the difference will be much smaller than after a dungeon reopening.

Have fun and tell me how you like the update! 🙂