Are The New Card Packs Worse?

3_Card_Packs Some players asked, if the new card packs for 80 rubies are worse than the old ones.


The new card packs for 80 rubies contain 5 instead of 6 cards, but you will get more better cards than before. With the new card packs you will get:

  • The same number of orange cards (3 enchantments)
  • More purple cards (2 enchantments)
  • Slightly less blue cards (1 enchantment)
  • Significantly less gray cards (0 enchantments)

Overall, therefore you get more purple and significantly less gray cards.

Why only 5 cards instead of 6 per pack?

NormalCardPack The number of cards per pack has been reduced for aesthetic reasons. 5 cards look nicer than 6 ones, when you show them side by side. Most players sell all gray cards anyway, so the increased number of purple cards should be a desirable compensation.

What about the other two card packs?

The card packs are random, which can be frustrating, when you have bad luck. The other two packs have been added to reduce the frustration by giving players a choice.

It doesn’t make much difference, if you buy 10 expensive card packs (300 rubies) or 37 normal card packs (80 rubies). The number of orange and purple cards will be quite similar.

But when you really want an orange card and some purple cards, than you can buy just one pack for 300 rubies now. Or if you have a free slot in your deck but only a few rubies, you can buy a pack for 30 rubies now.

How do you like the new card packs?

Have fun,