Great Trailer Music Almost For Free

When you try to create a great game trailer you need great trailer music. The Arcanox ingame music doesn’t fit well, because it is loop-able background music. For a game trailer you want music that builds tensions, and ends with a grand finale.

As an indie I’ve only a small budget, so asking Enrico to compose something new just for the trailer was not an alternative.
Luckily there are several websites, where you can buy non-exclusive royalty free music for a relatively low price.

Comparison Of Music Market Places

During my search for the perfect trailer music I used AudioJungle, PremiumBeat, and AudioSparx. Here is a comparison of the most important features/facts these music market places offer.



The price on AudioJungle is unbeatable. Also AudioJungle has the best search result filters. It is nice that PremiumBeat and AudioSparx offer shorter versions of most tracks, but I need a custom cut of the music for the Arcanox trailer anyway.

Therefore I recommend to start searching with AudioJungle. When you don’t find the perfect music there, you can still use PremiumBeat or AudioSparx.

Have you tried one of these music market places?
Can you recommend another one that I haven’t mentioned?

You can download the Arcanox Android beta version here.

Have fun!

P.S.: AudioJungle is part of the EnvatoMarket, where you can also buy sound effects, graphics, After Effects templates, WordPress themes, and much more with the same account.