6th Arcanox World Cup


The 6th Arcanox World Cup begins in 3 days. Join or create a team now!

An overview of possible card rewards can be found here. If you don’t like the card you receive, you can exchange it like last time.

Since the last World Cup the following changes have been made:

Changed Rewards

  • In order to promote serious teams and team play, the rewards (mana and premium time) per player are now independent of the size of the team. Mana and premium time are no longer split between the team members. The new rewards per player are roughly equivalent to the reward you received in a team of 4 to 5 players.
  • The rewards (mana and premium time) in Division III were increased from 25% to 30% compared to Division I.
  • The rewards (mana and premium time) in Division II were increased from 50% to 60% compared to Division I.

Additional Changes

  • To compensate for the lack of boosts, the number of defenders was reduced by 1 in all divisions.
  • The maximum team size was reduced from 7 to 6.

Bug Fixes

  • The “adopt deck” function now works properly for World Cup matches.
  • It was possible to create unlimited card-borrow-requests in the team chat. Some players abused this. To prevent further abuse, there is now a 30 minutes cooldown and cards can only be lend during matches.

Good luck and have fun! 🙂


German / Deutsch

Die 6te Arcanox Weltmeisterschaft beginnt in 3 Tagen. Tritt einem Team bei oder erstelle ein eigenes Team!

Eine Übersicht der möglichen Karten als Belohnung gibt es hier. Wenn die erhaltene Karte nicht gefallen sollte, kann sie wie bei der letzten WM getauscht werden.

Folgende Änderungen wurden seit der letzten Weltmeisterschaft durchgefĂŒhrt:

Angepasste Belohnungen

  • Um ernsthafte Teams zu fördern, sind die Belohnungen (Mana und Premium-Zeit) pro Spieler nun unabhĂ€ngig von der GrĂ¶ĂŸe des Teams. Mana und Premium-Zeit werden nicht mehr zwischen den Team-Mitgliedern aufgeteilt. Die neuen Belohnungen pro Spieler entsprechen in etwa der Belohnung, wie man sie frĂŒher in einem Team aus 4 bis 5 Spielern erhalten hat.
  • Die Belohnungen (Mana und Premium-Zeit) in Division III wurden im Vergleich zu Division I von 25% auf 30% angehoben.
  • Die Belohnungen (Mana und Premium-Zeit) in Division II wurden im Vergleich zu Division I von 50% auf 60% angehoben.

Weitere Änderungen

  • Um die fehlenden Boosts zu kompensieren, wurde die Zahl der Verteidiger wurde in allen Divisionen um 1 reduziert.
  • Die maximale GrĂ¶ĂŸe der Teams wurde von 7 auf 6 gesenkt.


  • Die “Deck kopieren”-Funktion funktioniert nun korrekt bei WM-Wiederholungen.
  • Es war möglich unbegrenzt Karten-Ausleih-Anfragen im WM-Team-Chat zu erstellen, was zu Missbrauch gefĂŒhrt hat. Um weiteren Missbrauch zu verhindern, gibt es nun einen Cooldown von 30 Minuten und Karten können nur noch wĂ€hrend der Matches verliehen werden.

Viel Erfolg und auch viel Spaß! 🙂

Incompatible Dungeon Replays

I’m sorry, but the update caused again some confusion with the replays and dungeons, because some of the old dungeon replays are not compatible with the new game version.

One example is the stage 3 dungeon highlight by boomBEERman. When the replay is played back with version 750 only 70% are destroyed, while 100%  are destroyed when it is played back with version 742.

To avoid this in the future, the following changes are planned:

  1. There will be no dungeon highlights after updates, unless they are 100% compatible.
  2. There will be a break of a few hours after each dungeon. Future updates will be rolled out during the break.

Sorry for the confusion,


Arcanox Version 750: Bard, Master of Destruction, …

Arcanox version 750 is available on Google Play!

In other languages:


  • NEW: The Master of Destruction tournament begins on May 18th 2017
  • NEW: Bard
  • Changed Card Filters
  • “Borrow Cards” Via Context Menu
  • Increased Maximum Levels of Rooms
  • More Robust Archers

All Changes

NEW: Master of Destruction

  • The new tournament “Master of Destruction” is about dealing as much damage possible to the castles of other players.
  • Every damage point counts, but only when you win the battle.
  • The tournament begins on May 18th 2017.
  • Use your attacks wisely, because your attempts are refilled only once per day.
  • A limited number of additional attempts can be purchased for rubies.
  • All participants are divided into several divisions so that everyone has the chance to win.


  • Destruction coins based on your rank are delivered to your inbox daily.
  • You can redeem the coins for special cards in the tournament shop. The shop is still available for a few days after the tournament has ended.
  • At the end of the tournament the top 3 players receive an award.

Special Rules for Attacks

  • You are free to choose which opponent you want to attack. If you don’t like the proposed opponents, you can request easier or harder ones.
  • During these attacks you can’t steal gold and don’t win or lose trophies.
  • The traps of the opponents are always active.
  • Each opponent can be attacked only once per day.
  • To give players without a strong guild a fair chance, the boosts don’t affect the tournament and borrowed cards cannot be used.
  • Other players can be attacked at any time, whether they’re online / offline or being attacked already.

NEW: Bard

  • The bard uses his music to inspire an ally in front of him. Inspired allies run fast and are immune to icing. The inspiration ends with the next attack.
  • The bard preferably prefers allies who are close to him.
  • If the bard can’t inspire anyone, he shoots magical missiles like the priest.
  • The bard and his special enchantment are unlocked with card shop level 7.
  • Priests can’t be inspired.

Special Enchantment

  • Inspired allies attack very quickly twice in succession. The damage of the second attack is reduced by 50%.
  • The damage of the second attack isn’t reduced, when the bard has the special enchantment twice.


A new training has been added, in which you can try out the bard.


The duplicate foundry boosts in the lair were replaced by boosts for the bards.


Three achievements for the use of bards have been added.


World Cup Reward Cards

Players, who are unhappy with their World Cup reward, can exchange their World Cup reward card for a fee of 10 Rubies.

Only rewards, which have been received within the last 30 days, are eligible for exchange.

Available Division I Cards

Available Division II Cards

How to request an exchange?

  1. Send me an email using the options menu of the game (“…” -> “Help” -> “Provide feedback”)
  2. Write in the email which card you want
  3. Don’t delete the information that are automatically added to the email
  4. It can take a while until your card is replaced, because I have to do it manually.

Due to technical reasons it is only possible to exchange cards which have already been claimed.

For future events I plan to let you choose your reward out of a range of items.

Have fun and congratulations to the winners! 🙂



Update: Added an overview of division II cards and extended the time frame from 11th to 14th May.

5th Arcanox World Cup


The 5th Arcanox World Cup begins in 3 days. Join or create a team now!

Since the last World Cup the following changes have been made.

Rebalanced Divisions

A rebalanicng of the division was overdue, because:

  • In division I a lot more teams made it to the end of the swiss rounds than in division III.
  • As time goes more players have a higher level castle heart.

New divisions:

  • Division III: castle heart level 1-6
  • Division II: castle heart level 5-8
  • Division I: castle heart level 7-10

No Guild Boosts

To improve the chances of weaker guilds, guild boosts won’t influence the World Cup anymore.


Players won’t receive cards they already own as a World Cup reward, unless they already own all possible World Cup reward cards.

Bug Fixes

  • In some cases the number of defenders per dungeon wasn’t correct.
  • The dungeons in two different matches were the same.

Good luck and have fun! 🙂


German / Deutsch

Die 5te Arcanox Weltmeisterschaft beginnt in 3 Tagen. Tritt einem Team bei oder erstelle ein eigenes Team!

Folgende Änderungen wurden seit der letzten Weltmeisterschaft durchgefĂŒhrt durchgefĂŒhrt.

Angepasste Divisionen

Eine Anpassung der Divisionen war ĂŒberfĂ€llig, weil:

  • Viel mehr Teams in Division I die letzte Schweizer Runde erreicht haben als in Division III.
  • Durch den Lauf der Zeit haben immer mehr Spieler ein hochstufiges Burgherz.

Neue Divisionen:

  • Division III: Burgherz Level 1-6
  • Division II: Burgherz Level 5-8
  • Division I: Burgherz Level 7-10

Keine Gilden Boosts

Um die Chancen von schwÀcheren Gilden zu verbessern, haben die Gildenboosts keinen Einfluss mehr auf die Weltmeisterschaft.


Spieler erhalten nicht mehr Karten durch die Weltmeisterschaft als Belohnung, welche sie schon besitzen, außer wenn sie bereits alle möglichen Belohnungskarten besitzen.


  • In einigen FĂ€llen war die Zahl der Verteidiger in den Dungeons nicht korrekt.
  • In zwei Matches waren die Dungeons identisch.

Viel Erfolg und auch viel Spaß! 🙂


Next Dungeon Masters Event


The next Dungeon Masters tournament begins in 17 hours!
Earn as many dungeon points as you can in the regular dungeons.
The event ends after 12 days (3 dungeons).
In case of a tie the player who scored first will be ranked higher.
The reward for the best 10 players is a female assassin (ninja with a special skin).

Good luck! 🙂

German / Deutsch

Der nÀchste Dungeon Master Event beginnt in 17 Stunden!
Verdiene so viele Dungeonpunkte wie möglich in den normalen Dungeons.
Der Event endet nach 12 Tagen (3 Dungeons).
Bei Punktegleichstand wird der Spieler höher gewertet, welcher zuerst die Punktzahl erreicht hat.
Die Belohnung fĂŒr die besten 10 Spieler ist eine Assassine (Ninja mit besonderem Aussehen).

Viel Erfolg! 🙂

Arcanox Version 740: Icons in Guild Chat, Explosive Arrows, Missions with Random Cards, …

Arcanox version 740 is available on Google Play!

UPDATE v742: Some players experienced startup crashes with version 740. This has been corrected with version 742. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In other languages:


  • NEW: Explosive Arrows
  • NEW: Use Icons in Guild Chat
  • NEW: Missions with Random Cards
  • Better Card Packs
  • More Enjoyable Dungeons
  • More and Easier Training
  • NEW: Remove All Traps At Once

All Changes

NEW: Use Icons in Guild Chat

You can now use minion, spell and enchantment icons in the guild chat.

NEW: Explosive Arrows

  • Explosive arrows are the new exclusive enchantment for archers, since the increased range enchantment is also available for priest.
  • The enchantment has the following effects:
    • The archer shoots explosive arrows, which damage all enemies close to the explosion.
    • Base damage decreased by 20%.
  • The enchantment is unlocked with card shop level 3.
  • The enchantment can be combined with most enchantments, but not with the spell shield enchantment.

Damage Calculation

This is the universal formula to calculate the damage per hit:

Damage Per Hit = (Base Damage Per Hit * (100% + Base Damage Modifiers))
* (100% + Damage Modifiers)

The explosive arrows are the first enchantment with a base damage modifier. All other enchantments (e.g. fire, hammer, …) use damage modifiers.

NEW: Missions with Random Cards

  • Instead of playing the missions with your own cards, you now create a deck out of random cards. This way you can try out seven new cards for free every day.
  • The guild boosts don’t affect the cards.
  • Borrowed cards cannot be used in the missions anymore.
  • The amount of gold per mission is influenced by your computer opponent level the same way as before, but players with computer opponent level 23 or higher can earn a bit more gold.

Better Card Packs

The rules of the card packs have been adjusted, to reduce the chance for situational strong cards and increase the chance for universally strong cards:

  • The following enchantment combinations aren’t possible in card packs anymore:
    • Coin + Statue
    • Spell Shield + Gas Mask / Vest / Ghost / Coin
    • Reflection + Fire / Hammer / Sword
  • The following enchantments are now significantly less likely in card packs:
    • Coin
    • Snail
    • Spell shield on ninjas and golems

Please note that the bazaar isn’t affected by these changes.

More Enjoyable Dungeons

Several changes have been made to make the dungeons more enjoyable:

  • Instead of recreating decks from replays manually, you can do it now with just one tap on the “Adopt deck” button.
  • Traps are now always visible in dungeons, trainings and missions.
  • The maximum movement delay for goblins, knights and golems has been reduced. This increases the chance that they start moving before the other minions do.
  • In dungeons the wandering behavior of minions from portals is now less random.
  • Ghosts don’t damage minions anymore.

More And Easier Training

  • A new training, which highlights the new explosive arrows enchantment, has been added.
  • The training “Trap Lock” has been split up into two training.
  • Several existing trainings are now easier.

Remove All Traps At Once

In the trap selection dialog is a new button, which allows you to remove all traps from your castle at once.

Server Problems


Today there was serious problem in the HostEurope data center, where the Arcanox game server is hosted.
No data could be stored by the server between 11:06 UTC and 14:16 UTC.
HostEurope has fixed the problem and everything runs again as usual.

I am very sorry, that some players lost up to 2 hours of game progress.
As compensation, all players receive the Premium account for 3 days for free (until 15.02.2017 at 14:30 UTC).
For players with already active premium account, this was extended by 3 days.

I will evaluate the data centers of some other vendors to prevent that something similar never happens again.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

German / Deutsch

Heute kam es leider zu einem schweren Problem im Rechenzentrum von HostEurope, wo auch der Arcanox Spielserver steht.
Zwischen 11:06 Uhr UTC und 14:16 Uhr UTC konnten deshalb keine Daten vom Server gespeichert werden konnten.
HostEurope hat das Problem mittlerweile behoben und alles lÀuft wieder wie gewohnt.

Einige Spieler haben bis zu 2 Stunden Spielfortschritt verloren, was mir sehr leid tut.
Als EntschĂ€digung erhalten alle Spieler den Premium Account fĂŒr 3 Tage kostenlos (bis zum 15.02.2017 um 14:30 Uhr UTC).
Bei Spielern mit bereits aktivem Premium-Account wurde dieser um 3 Tage verlÀngert.

Ich werde die Rechenzentren von einigen anderen Anbietern evaluieren, um auszuschließen, dass sowas nicht nochmal passiert.

Entschuldigung fĂŒr die Unannehmlichkeiten

4th Arcanox World Cup


The 4th Arcanox World Cup begins in 3 days. Join or create a team now!

Since the last World Cup the following changes have been made:

  • The scores of all other teams are now hidden during a round.
  • Extended the duration of the rounds from two to three days.
  • Players, who already received a World Cup reward card, don’t receive the same card again, unless they already have all possible reward cards.
  • Black knights have been added to the reward card pool.

Also the World Cup level generator has been adjusted:

  • The number of enchantments per shrine isn’t random anymore, but rounded half up.
    • Example: A level 5 shrine with a chance of 53% for one additional enchantment will always add one additional enchantment.
  • Additional enchantments from shrines are now applied in ascending order.
  • Portals are now filled in ascending order.
    • Example: When team A has a level 3 portal and team B has a level 5 portal, the first three minions are now the same in both portals.
  • The levels of the rooms are now limited by the division. This means when players in division II or III upgrade their rooms beyond what is allowed by the division, the room levels are reduced to the division’s maximum.
  • All matches last now for 2 days and 6 hours instead of 2 days. This way all teams around the world have more equal chances.
  • In response to the request of several players, only borrowed cards from team members can now be used in World Cup matches.
  • Some descriptions have been improved.

Good luck and have fun! 🙂

German / Deutsch

Die 4te Arcanox Weltmeisterschaft beginnt in 3 Tagen. Tritt einem Team bei oder erstelle ein eigenes Team!

Folgende Änderungen wurden seit der letzten Weltmeisterschaft durchgefĂŒhrt durchgefĂŒhrt:

  • Die Punkte aller anderen Teams sind wĂ€hrend einer Runde nun versteckt.
  • Die Dauer der Runden wurden von zwei auf drei Tage verlĂ€ngert.
  • Spieler, welche durch die Weltmeisterschaft schon mal eine besondere Karte erhalten haben, erhalten exakt die selbe Karte nicht nochmal, außer wenn sie bereits alle möglichen WM-Belohnungskarten besitzen.
  • Neben den Hexen mit lila Hut können nun auch schwarze Ritter bei der WM gewonnen werden.

Außerdem wurde WM-Level-Generator angepasst:

  • Die Zahl der Verzauberungen pro Schrein ist nun nicht mehr zufĂ€llig, sondern wird mathematisch gerundet.
    • Beispiel: Ein Level 5 Schrein mit einer Chance von 53% fĂŒr eine extra Verzauberung wird immer eine extra Verzauberung hinzufĂŒgen.
  • Die zusĂ€tzlichen Verzauberungen der Schreine werden nun in aufsteigender Reihenfolge angewendet.
  • Portale werden nun in aufsteigender Reihenfolge befĂŒllt.
    • Beispiel: Wenn Team A ein Level 3 Portal hat und Team B ein Level 5 Portal, dann sind die ersten drei Einheiten von nun an in beiden Portalen gleich.
  • Die Level der RĂ€ume sind nun durch die Division begrenzt. Spieler in Division II oder III können durch die Verbesserung ihrer RĂ€ume wĂ€hrend der WM also nicht mehr die maximalen Level ihrer Division ĂŒberschreiten.

Viel Erfolg und auch viel Spaß! 🙂


Current Dungeon & Replays


The current dungeon changed slightly (portals and traps) because of the game update. The update contained changes, which influence the dungeon level generator. In the past the dungeons reopened with the release of new game versions, but this was unfair to players who didn’t play the dungeon before the update. Scores in the dungeon before and after the update might be different, but the difference will be much smaller than after a dungeon reopening.

Replays from the previous game version are also not deleted with this update, because this would also delete the dungeon highlights and the deletions in the past led to confusion among some players. Some of the old replays are not compatible with the new game version and therefor the result of the replay can look different than with the previous game version. However, everyone will certainly agree that slightly incompatible replays are better than none.

German / Deutsch

Der aktuelle Dungeon hat sich wegen der neuen Spielversion leicht geĂ€ndert (Portale und Fallen). Die neue Spielversion enthĂ€lt Änderungen, welche RĂŒckwirkungen auf den Dungeon-Level-Generator haben. In der Vergangenheit wurden die Dungeons bei der Veröffentlichung jedes Updates neu geöffnet, was allerdings unfair fĂŒr alle Spieler war, welche den Dungeon vor dem Update nicht gespielt haben. Die Punkte im Dungeon vor und nach dem Update können sich unterscheiden, aber der Unterschied wird auf jeden Fall deutlich kleiner sein, als wenn der Dungeon neu aufgemacht worden wĂ€re.

Außerdem wurden mit diesem Update die Wiederholungen aus der frĂŒheren Spielversion nicht gelöscht, weil damit auch die Dungeon Highlights gelöscht worden wĂ€ren und die Lösung in der Vergangenheit zu Verwirrung unter einigen Spielern gefĂŒhrt hat. Einige der alten Wiederholungen sind nicht kompatibel mit der neuen Spielversion und das Resultat der Wiederholung wird sich daher unterscheiden. Jeder wird aber sicher zustimmen, dass leicht inkompatible Wiederholungen besser sind als gar keine.