Arcanox Guild Tournament Result – September 2018

The Top 4 Guilds received (divived among the top 40 members based on their weighted score):

  1. 4500 Rubies
  2. 3500 Rubies
  3. 2500 Rubies
  4. 1500 Rubies

1. SuperTiger with a total score of 64874
Stranzl, Moi, mesut, M8e, valentin, LJDF, Nidhog, exr, maartouf, ottoman, Quentin491, Thor, Heimdall, Ryu, Thora, bleckVirus, znia, luluael, Unisus, momix, Hero, Artur, Wilo, Logos, Firesoul, dref, jony73, picky, angistiti, játékos, kiwille, Xplos, Lordpaul, MRF, ludiqt1, Kirito, Zathuw, tom, T2WIN, IronLady, clement11, miharkula, Mobpsycho

2. ГвардиЯ with a total score of 62403
boga, ENKe1, Kotik89, hrust, Серж, Артатамон, Autumnwolf, ViFLiEM, ПростоРусс, bomBEERman, Leta, alefan, Алексей, русс, Выживший, PerfectCas, MakarkOFF, антоний, сима, Sloth, porshen35, SnailMan, Kor, losos, Игорь, SapDep, Thystly, Han, AlviSlesh, Кентохо, Darcus, ddd, Nolito, трв, masterpsih, Ilyayra, Пиллигрим

3. Secrets with a total score of 60709
Dustan, Shepard, julian, burundi, Caoz, Asad, rakimin, jason, Mappo, capernicol, magicmouse, Dis, kukloch, fackel01, Atenea, alex, Yohimbine, warbync, mcfc, Brasswick, awais, Lekaniwo, Emanuel, Bigiey, Günter, Grimmjow, Elenotlan, Cborgx, ulises21, Sebi, Achilles, avi, Seppl83, Ichigo, Bilbo, shaheer, Gino24, jayce

4. GERda with a total score of 55650
michelle, GoW, Trekker, IsmirEgal, jay, rain, damg, elderlord, ManoWar, Sklegacy, Nauschi, Night44, MsrPoncho, Herkules, kokot, Zeus, Kareem, Arch, Pei, Witschi, tihomir, Rusherdin, Nilexi, Mrrshan, Bob, Abibat, Vendetta, DrKiIIjoy, Arkas, Kurunja, Digimon54321


Arcanox Guild Tournament Result – August 2018

The Top 4 Guilds received (divived among the top 40 members based on their weighted score):

  1. 4500 Rubies
  2. 3500 Rubies
  3. 2500 Rubies
  4. 1500 Rubies

1. SuperTiger with a total score of 68150
Moi, Stranzl, valentin, M8e, exr, Nidhog, Quentin491, ottoman, LJDF, maartouf, luluael, Heimdall, Thora, bleckVirus, Ryu, Thor, Artur, Unisus, Hero, momix, Zavadskij, znia, mesut, dref, angistiti, Logos, pyre, Wilo, jony73, picky, Moufouette, ludiqt1, játékos, Xplos, IronLady, kiwille, Kirito, Zathuw, MRF, VulturE, Firesoul, miharkula, tom, T2WIN, baulau, kiwelle, LordGabi, clement11

2. ГвардиЯ with a total score of 64081
boga, ENKe1, hrust, трв, Kotik89, Autumnwolf, ViFLiEM, ПростоРусс, Артатамон, Алексей, bomBEERman, Серж, врт, masterpsih, русс, антоний, porshen35, сима, MakarkOFF, PerfectCas, Выживший, Sloth, SnailMan, Maxhunter, losos, ЛЕОН, Ilyayra, Игорь, Kor, Dru, Han, Leta, Кентохо, hrann, SapDep

3. Secrets with a total score of 62144
Dustan, Asad, Shepard, burundi, julian, Caoz, rakimin, Mappo, magicmouse, jason, alex, capernicol, Dis, Lekaniwo, kukloch, awais, Yohimbine, Atenea, Bigiey, warbync, Grimmjow, Günter, Seppl83, mcfc, Sebi, Brasswick, Cborgx, Gino24, Elenotlan, Bilbo, Achilles, avi, shaheer, ulises21, Emanuel

4. GERda with a total score of 60165
Night44, michelle, IsmirEgal, Trekker, jay, damg, rain, elderlord, Herkules, ManoWar, Nauschi, kokot, GoW, Witschi, MsrPoncho, Sklegacy, Kareem, tihomir, Mrrshan, Nilexi, Kurunja, Rusherdin, Arch, Zeus, Pei, MrObsesion, Vendetta, DrKiIIjoy, Abibat, Arkas, biobanane, Bob, WhyOdd, Пиллигрим, Digimon54321, Shadowhunt


Arcanox Guild Tournament Result – July 2018

The Top 4 Guilds received (divived among the top 40 members based on their weighted score):

  1. 4500 Rubies
  2. 3500 Rubies
  3. 2500 Rubies
  4. 1500 Rubies

1. SuperTiger with a total score of 68318
Moi, valentin, Stranzl, M8e, ottoman, mesut, Nidhog, exr, Quentin491, LJDF, luluael, Thora, Moufouette, Thor, Ryu, Heimdall, picky, Wilo, Artur, kiwille, maartouf, dref, Logos, lorenzo, Kirito, Hero, Unisus, znia, angistiti, ludiqt1, pyre, Raphooo, IronLady, MRF, bleckVirus, kiwelle, Zathuw, miharkula, játékos, tom, momix, baulau, Zavadskij, T2WIN, clement11

2. GERda with a total score of 63805
Night44, michelle, IsmirEgal, GoW, Trekker, jay, damg, elderlord, Herkules, rain, Nilexi, Nauschi, MsrPoncho, ManoWar, Pei, Witschi, Kareem, Sklegacy, Mrrshan, Kurunja, Rusherdin, kokot, Arch, Xplos, Zeus, tihomir, MrObsesion, DrKiIIjoy, biobanane, Abibat, Vendetta, Bob, Пиллигрим, Arkas, WhyOdd, Digimon54321, Shadowhunt

3. ГвардиЯ with a total score of 62649
boga, ENKe1, hrust, Kotik89, ViFLiEM, Серж, Артатамон, трв, bomBEERman, ПростоРусс, Kor, врт, русс, MakarkOFF, masterpsih, Maxhunter, porshen35, сима, Han, Выживший, PerfectCas, SnailMan, Игорь, Sloth, антоний, Алексей, losos, Ilyayra, EZzzz, King, Кентохо, Leta, hrann, 18am, Autumnwolf, Тимуджин, alefan, Dru, SAID

4. Secrets with a total score of 57162
Shepard, Dustan, Asad, Caoz, rakimin, Dis, kukloch, julian, alex, jason, Lekaniwo, magicmouse, awais, burundi, Yohimbine, warbync, capernicol, Bigiey, Cborgx, Günter, Grimmjow, Seppl83, avi, mcfc, Bilbo, Gino24, Achilles, Elenotlan, shaheer, Atenea, Rasor07, Sebi, Brasswick, ulises21, octi


Arcanox Guild Tournament Results: October 2016 – June 2018

From now on I will post the Guild Tournament results here. Here is last months result:

Guild Tournament – June 2018

The Top 4 Guilds received (divived among the top 40 members based on their weighted score):

  1. 4500 Rubies
  2. 3500 Rubies
  3. 2500 Rubies
  4. 1500 Rubies

1. GERda with a total score of 64171
Night44, michelle, IsmirEgal, GoW, Trekker, jay, elderlord, ManoWar, Herkules, damg, rain, Witschi, Nauschi, Kareem, szymon, kokot, Kurunja, Pei, MsrPoncho, Sklegacy, Zeus, Bob, tihomir, Arch, Mrrshan, Xplos, MrObsesion, Rusherdin, Nilexi, Пиллигрим, biobanane, DrKiIIjoy, Abibat, Vendetta, WhyOdd, Arkas, Digimon54321, Shadowhunt

2. ГвардиЯ with a total score of 62728
boga, hrust, Kotik89, ENKe1, bomBEERman, ViFLiEM, Серж, трв, Артатамон, Выживший, bleckVirus, Алексей, masterpsih, антоний, русс, Maxhunter, Leta, SnailMan, porshen35, PerfectCas, Kor, Han, ПростоРусс, вова, врт, EZzzz, Sloth, MakarkOFF, losos, Игорь, Ilyayra, King, 18am, Влад, Кентохо, Адюха, hrann

3. Secrets with a total score of 60222
Dustan, Shepard, Asad, rakimin, alex, Dis, Caoz, julian, jason, Lekaniwo, warbync, magicmouse, Grimmjow, awais, Ichigo, Yohimbine, kukloch, Seppl83, Cborgx, Rasor07, capernicol, Günter, shaheer, Achilles, burundi, avi, Bigiey, mcfc, Brasswick, EMMI, Elenotlan, Bilbo, Gino24, xJOKERSx, Emanuel, octi, Sebi, Nolito, Atenea, ulises21, Aethegor, renato, Reina

4. SupFr with a total score of 52942
mesut, Moi, exr, LJDF, Quentin491, luluael, Thora, vogesse, maartouf, picky, dref, ottoman, znia, kiwille, Moufouette, angistiti, Wilo, NOPI, IronLady, Kirito, Zathuw, T2WIN, VulturE, madrox, baulau, clement11, JeanBon, Francis, shikamaru, Manon


I’ve also rescued the results of the previous Guild Tournaments:

General Data Protection Regulation

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy. It becomes enforceable on 25 May 2018. The regulation contains numerous additional rules and obligations for anyone running a website, forum or online service/game.

Big companies have their lawyers to write proper Privacy Policies and contracts to keep running their business without major changes. But Juhu Games is only a one man show and my time and budget to implement the new regulations are limited. That’s why there will be some changes to the services:

Forum Deletion

The Juhu Games forum will be deleted on 25 May 2018.
I will transfer bug reports, ideas and suggestions to my backlog, but will strip all personal information (Author, creation date, …).
In case you want to save a forum post/message, make sure to do so before 25 May 2018!

Sent me an email (, when you want to report a bug or have suggestions or ideas. But please don’t be disappointed, when I won’t discuss each suggestion with you.

No PC Client / APK Download on

Because of new youth protection regulations, I won’t offer a download link to the PC client and APK on this website any more. You will still be able to download the game from the Google Play store.

Google Play Content Rating

I will adjusted the Content rating for Arcanox in the Google Play store to 16+. Not because the game has become more violent, but because of the new data protection regulations for minors.

Disabled And Deleted Comments

Some might have noticed, that comments on this website are already disabled and deleted.

Limited Chat Logs

All user-generated messages in the game will be deleted after 60 days. This includes messages in the guild chat, inbox and global chat.

Arcanox Version 780

Arcanox version 780 is available on Google Play!

In other languages:


  • Improved Replays
  • 50% More Mana in Dungeons
  • Improved Dungeon Selection
  • Improved Missions
  • Improved Privacy
  • Several Other Improvements
  • Several Fixed Bugs

All Changes

Improved Replays

  • There is now a button to rewind a replay to the next played card. This allows you to skip parts of a replay.
  • There is now a button to restart the current replay.

50% More Mana in Dungeons

The maximum Mana per dungeon has been increased from 100 to 150. On each dungeon stage you can now earn up to 30 Mana. To earn 30 Mana on a stage you need a dungeon score of 450 on that stage.

Improved Dungeon Selection

  • There is now a button to hide the user interface of the dungeon selection.
  • In the dungeon selection, all traps of the dungeon are now visible.

Improved Missions

  • The gold raider enchantments now also works in missions.
  • Castles in missions can now also have acid sprayers. This allows you to try out the gas mask enchantment.

Improved Privacy

  • The app no longer needs the permission to read and change the WiFi state.
  • The app no longer sends the OS language, OS version and referrer to the game server.
  • When sending a support email by using the app, the OS language and OS version are no longer appended.

Other Improvements

  • Winners of the current and upcoming World Cups can choose their reward card.
  • The pairings of the first knockout rounds of the World Cup will no longer be randomly drawn, but instead the first team will play against the eighth, the second against the seventh, … etc.
  • Cards with a special skin are now handled like normal cards, when lending cards directly through the guild chat and when using the “Copy Deck” feature in replays.
  • The icon, which represents the back of a card, is now available for guild notes and in the guild chat.

Fixed Bugs

  • In replays the button to request a card covered the name of the person, who had borrowed the card.
  • At the event “Master of Destruction” the coin account balance wasn’t displayed correctly before the first attack.
  • After the event “Master of Destruction” the attack button was still displayed and incorrectly labeled.
  • When the trap of a room was changed, right after the room has been moved, the trap in a different room was changed instead.
  • Some errors in the translations have been corrected.

Grappling Hook is Freeware!

Grappling Hook, my game from 2009, is now Freeware!

Grappling Hook is a first-person action puzzle / platform game. You use the Grappling Hook as a mighty high-tech tool to overcome various challenging obstacles by performing incredible moves and fast combinations of daring tricks. The dynamic and surprising levels open opportunities to use the Grappling Hook in unique ways never seen before in a game. Making your way through the levels requires both skill and creativity, while the increasing difficulty pushes you to become a real master of the Grappling Hook.
All this comes together to create an intense, challenging, and rewarding gameplay experience:

  • Perform daring moves and tricks with the Grappling Hook.
  • Solve challenging gameplay and action puzzles.
  • Beat 31 dynamic, animated, and unique levels.
  • Earn 30 cool achievements and master 248 challenges.
  • Create your own levels with the built-in level-editor.

Play it on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Have fun! 🙂

Master of Destruction 2.0

The Master of Destruction tournament was heavily improved based on the feedback:

  1. Only the best attempt per day counts and no longer the sum of all attempts, therefore failing an attack is less tragic. This also makes the tournament less time consuming and players can no longer gain an unfair advantage by buying additional attempts for rubies.
  2. Computer opponents are now attacked instead of player castles. The level of the computer opponents can be adjusted as desired. This way players can no longer gain an unfair advantage by attacking castles which have been specifically adapted to the tournament.
  3. Each player is assigned to a division based on his all-time highest trophy count. This prevents players to influence the division they are assigned to by purposely losing battles before the event starts. Tho it didn’t happen in the past, the possibility of it happening is now eliminated.
  4. The ranking is the sum of each daily best attempt. There is no rank reset.

The next tournament begins within the next 6 hours!

In other languages:


Arcanox Version 770

Arcanox version 770 is available on Google Play!

In other languages:


  • Christmas Gifts
  • Lend Cards With One Click
  • Request Cards More Easily
  • Guild Notes
  • Dungeon Break Only for Updates
  • Chest With Daily Gift
  • Several Other Improvements
  • Several Fixed Bugs

All Changes

Christmas Gifts

Everyone who logs into the game between December 23th and December 31th will find five Christmas gifts in their castle. Players, who still have unopened gifts from last year, will not receive additional gifts. One gift per day can be opened.

Lend Cards With One Click

It is now possible to lend cards with just one click. When a guild mate asks for cards by using icons, the game will show a “Lend” button at the right side of his chat message. With a click on the button, the game will try to send all mentioned cards to your guild mate.

When a requested cards is used by one of your decks, you will be asked, if you want to remove it from the deck. The button can be pressed repeatedly. Filter settings of card borrow requests are ignored, when lending cards with this method.

Request Cards More Easily

You can now request cards easily, when watching replays or using the “Adopt deck” function. Click on the “Request” button under a card and a chat message with the following content will be posted in the guild chat:

<Card type><Enchantments> for stage <Stage number> please

When you haven’t created a card borrow request in the guild chat a new one will be created automatically.

Guild Notes

Each guild now has five permanent note sheets in the inbox of their members. The notes can be used for tips, policies or anything else you want to communicate to your guild members. The notes can be edited by the leader and generals. Take care to not accidentally overwrite each others changes! Recruits can’t read the notes.

Each note can have up to 300 characters. Icons can be used in the notes.

Dungeon Break Only for Updates

Instead of a break after each dungeon, there will only be a break between dungeons before the release of updates. These breaks are required when updates make changes to the game balance, because this could affect the solutions in the dungeons.

Chest With Daily Gift

Some players had a chest in their castle which could be used to watch commercials and receive a small reward as compensation. The commercials will be removed because of five reasons:

  1. The new EU General Data Protection Regulation will be implemented in May 2018 and keeping the commercials in the game would require lots of paper work.
  2. The chests were only a test and it turned out that most players used it only sporadically.
  3. I personally don’t like watching commercials and I was never convinced of the idea.
  4. The commercials caused stability issues on some devices.
  5. For players with the chest it was required to preload at least one video, even when it was never watched. This wasted bandwidth.

But the chests will stay and everyone gets one! You will find a small gift (Mana or gold) in there every day!