Watch the Arcanox Game Trailer!

Watch the game trailer of my upcoming mobile strategy MMO Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles! It will be released on March 24 for Android on Google Play.

[youtube id=”WVrYH4nuR2Y” parameters=”iv_load_policy=1″]Please thumb-up and share the trailer with everyone you know!

Jon Bailey did the epic voice-over! That makes me really happy, because I’m a huge Screen Junkies fan and love Jon’s work.

Enrico Wachtel did the sounds and arranged music and voice. Thanks for your patience! Thanks to Philipp Arlt, Patrick Bandau and everyone who gave feedback on the almost endless iterations.

I’ve worked 3 weeks on the trailer. Every scene has been re-created at least 3 times. Also I wasted around 4 days with fancy camera movements that made almost everyone motion-sick. Working with Adobe After Effects was great. I had to watch only a couple of Youtube tutorials for some advanced effects. Everything else was super intuitive for someone who has worked with Flash Professional.

How do you like the trailer?
Have a great day!