Best Software To Create Game Trailers

I’m still working on the Arcanox game trailer.

Recording With Bandicam

For the trailer I’ve recorded a lot of gameplay footage with Bandicam, which is a great screen recording program. Recording with 60 FPS and a reasonable file-size is really important to me, because I’ve only a quite small SSD harddrive. A great and important feature of Bandicam are configurable mouse click effects. Bandicam just works like expected, has lots of configuration options and $39 are an appropritate price.

I’ve also evaluated Fraps, but it offers way less configuration options than Bandicam, supports no click effects, has a really ugly user interface and costs also around $35.

This is some footage, that will not be used in the trailer, because it is a bit to long.
Watch how minions fail to kill a dragon:
[youtube id=”FEAiewONc00″]

Editing With After Effects

To edit the game trailer I use Adobe After Effects, which is just awesome. This is the first time I use After Effects, but everything is super intuitive. The main reason for this may be, that the user interface is very similar to Flash Professional.

Another great thing about After Effects is that you find video tutorials about anything you want to do on Youtube. For exmaple this great tutorial video shows how to blow something up with an explosion:
[youtube id=”qL1KkAfwflk”]

Do you know some great After Effects tutorials?
What is your favorite effect in After Effects?

You can download the Arcanox Android version here.

Have fun!