World Cup Reward Cards

Players, who are unhappy with their World Cup reward, can exchange their World Cup reward card for a fee of 10 Rubies.

Only rewards, which have been received within the last 30 days, are eligible for exchange.

Available Division I Cards

Available Division II Cards

How to request an exchange?

  1. Send me an email using the options menu of the game (“…” -> “Help” -> “Provide feedback”)
  2. Write in the email which card you want
  3. Don’t delete the information that are automatically added to the email
  4. It can take a while until your card is replaced, because I have to do it manually.

Due to technical reasons it is only possible to exchange cards which have already been claimed.

For future events I plan to let you choose your reward out of a range of items.

Have fun and congratulations to the winners! 🙂



Update: Added an overview of division II cards and extended the time frame from 11th to 14th May.

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  1. The Kuli Deuri

    Put up some fun events man…. this game is getting boring